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How do I obtain an exhibit space application and


The exhibit space application and contract is available online at

or by calling Wendy Parker at (941)

952-9293 x102.

How are booth spaces assigned?

Through June 30, booth spaces are assigned based on priority

points earned from previous participation and sponsorship in the

Expo. After June 30, booths are assigned based upon Show

management’s receipt of signed contract and deposit. The

floorplan is available at

When will I receive confirmation of my booth


For applications received prior to June 30, assignments will be

sent by August 1. After August 1, assignment confirmations are

sent weekly. Your booth space will not be assigned or confirmed

without a deposit and signed contract.

Who is the general services contractor?

Arata Expositions is the official service contractor for the EUSE.

Arata is responsible for labor services, transportation, furnishings,

material handling, cleaning and decorations.

How can I contact Arata Expositions?

You can contact Arata Expositions Customer Service by calling

(301) 921-0800.

When will I receive an Exhibitor Service Kit?

Exhibitor Service Kits are e-mailed by Arata Expositions in mid-

November or after your booth space has been paid for in full. Kits

are also available on the show Web site in the login area.

Can I bring in the materials for my own booth?

Per the work rules and regulations of the Orange County

Convention Center: Employees of the exhibiting company may

transport their booth materials on their own in ONLY one of two

ways: 1)They may hand-carry their own materials into the exhibit

facility; 2)They may use a two wheel hand truck to bring their own

materials into the exhibit facility. The use or rental of dollies, flat

carts, pallet jacks and/or any other mechanical equipment is not

permitted. Cart load services is available at the freight desk for a

rate of $80 per round trip.

Can I set up my own booth?

Yes, you may use full time employees to set up your exhibit. If you

use a service contractor other than Arata, you must complete the

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form and provide a certificate of

insurance naming Arata, Everything Under the Sun Expo and the

Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) as additional insured.

Can I bring in my own furniture and carpet?

Yes, you may bring your own tables, chairs and floor covering.

Can I hang banners from the ceiling over my


Hanging signs and graphics are permitted in peninsula and island

booths only. They should be set back ten feet from adjacent

booths. Approval for use should be obtained from EUSE 60 days

prior to the Show. You must schedule the hanging of your banner

through the rigging department of OCCC in advance.

Is Lead Retrieval available?

The official EUSE registration contractor is ExpoLogic. They can

provide many options for you to collect and store leads. Order

forms will be provided in your exhibitor services kit.

How do I order electric and water for my booth?

Utilities are provided by the OCCC. You can order utilities for your

booth on the Center’s Web site at

Is internet and telephone service available?

SmartCity is the provider of internet and telephone service for

exhibitor booths. These services can be ordered at

Can I serve food in my booth?

All food and beverage served in the exhibit hall must be provided

by Centerplate. If you plan to cook in your booth you will need to

have approval from the fire marshal. For additional information

and pricing for booth catering services visit


Why does my company need to have liability


The EUSE insurance carrier requires that each exhibitor

participating in the Show provide a copy of their company’s

certificate of liability insurance upon request.