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October 2020 • Florida Pool Pro




several preschool classes each year lost to this preventable death. Swimming

lessons are the only safety device that goes everywhere the child goes.

To celebrate the FSPA 50


Anniversary our members and friends donated

generously. With matching funds from Bill Kent Family Foundation and Pinch

A Penny Be the Splash Charities we raised almost $70,000 for the Florida

Swims Foundation. But that’s not nearly enough to teach every child to swim

in a state which is covered with pools, ponds, lakes and beaches.

The FSPA Central Florida Chapter has been giving out scholarships to

local kids and adults this summer. In partnership with the Swimming Hall

of Fame Every Child A Swimmer and Bill Kent Family Foundation they’ve

provided swimming lesson scholarships for 100 kids. Learning to swim is a

life skill and one which we, as an industry, can lead the way in supporting and

funding. We will be working on a statewide plan through the Florida Swims

Foundation and our local chapters to offer swimming lesson scholarships

throughout the state. Please consider how you, your company and our

industry can get involved.

Lastly, do you know if every one of your employees can swim? What about

your employees’ family members? Let’s start as an example within our own

businesses – I ask that each of our member companies make a commitment

to offer swimming lesson scholarships to employees and their family members

who need it.