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Florida Pool Pro


• October 2020


David Pruette

FSPA President

Apprenticeships build commitment


No, the FPPS, CPO and other public pool service technician

certification courses do not authorize the certification holder to repair pools

and spas or pool and spa equipment. These courses grant students a

non-license certification (NLC) that allows them to operate and maintain

(clean, test water, and apply chemicals) public swimming pools and spas.

Under Florida Administrative Code 64E-9.018 anyone who maintains public

pools must be certified and dictates the content of any course that grants

certification. Currently the Florida Department of Health recognizes nine

(9) non-license certification (NLC) course to meet the Public Pool Service

Technician Certification requirement for public swimming pools and spas.

S *** You Should Know


Does the FPPS, CPO, or any other of the Florida public pool

service technician certification courses allow someone to repair

pools/spas or pool/spa equipment?

I am very excited about the new developments

FSPA has been working on in the apprenticeship

program. This has been headed by FSPA’s Education

Program Manager Mary Anderson. There have been

many more hoops to jump through than you can

imagine to get the program approved.

If you aren't familiar with how these programs work,

let me tell you my story.

An apprenticeship program played a vital role in my

career. I started out in a pre-apprenticeship program

right out of high school because there was so much