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October 2020 • Florida Pool Pro



Founded over 30 years ago by Jack

Beane, Jack’s Magic Products, Inc., has

become the pool and spa industry’s leader

in manufacturing products for identifying,

preventing and removing stains and

discoloration in swimming pools and spas.

Jack calls himself a “fix-it” guy and has

specialized in helping to solve the pool & spa

industry’s problems. Jack developed the first

Jack’s Magic products (The Iron, Cobalt &

Spot Etching Stuff and The Pink Stuff) as a

combined system to help his customers solve

spot etching and iron issues in their pools.

These products quickly formed the basis of

the Jack’s Magic Stain Program™. By treating

stain issues with the pool water left in the pool,

it is estimated that the Program saves over

200 million gallons of pool water annually

that would otherwise be lost to draining and

acid washing.

Jack’s Magic supports its brand, products,

programs, and customers through training,

education, and support. “We consider

educating industry professionals as one of

the important ways a company can ‘give back’

to the swimming pool industry” says Jack

Beane, president of Jack’s Magic Products,

Inc. “Obviously, we’d like the professionals

we train to use our products, but we believe it’s

most important to be able to solve problems,

whether they involve our products or not”.

Jack’s Magic offers its Certified Stain

Specialist (CSS)™ training program to

service professionals across the country

as a way to increase their value to their

customers. The CSS program includes a

comprehensive training session designed

to educate pool service professionals on all

aspects of swimming pool stain identification,

stain removal, and stain prevention as well as

successful stain-free pool start-ups. To achieve

CSS status, pool service professionals must

demonstrate a level of proficiency on the CSS

certification exam.

The Jack’s Magic team strongly

believes that an educated pool professional

is in the best position to ensure that a pool

remains beautifully stain-free and safe to

swim in. If pool owners have a positive

experience with support from knowledgeable

pool professionals, they in turn become

‘ambassadors’ for pool ownership in general.

Headquartered in Largo, Florida, Jack’s

Magic boasts a facility with almost 50,000

square feet of production, distribution,

technical, and administrative space. This

impressive facility allows Jack’s Magic to

meet their current growth as well as plan

for substantial future growth. Included

in the production facility is a state-of-

the-art packaging room enabling Jack’s

Magic to adhere to the highest standards of

manufacturing quality control.

Jack’s Magic is one of the most widely

known and respected brands and is committed

to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

In a 2018 PSN Brand Use Study, Jack’s Magic

tied for top in “Brand Familiarity” and was

second for “Brands Used in the Past 2 Years”.

Jack’s Magic does not use any automated

answering systems or call center employees.

If a call is received during business hours,

a Jack’s Magic employee will always be

available to answer any questions.

For product information, technical

support, and educational resources, please visit

or call 800-348-1656.

Jack's Magic Products

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