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review it with your attorney for their legal opinion as well.

Here are some thoughts for the agreement:

• Company vehicle will be used only for company business and never for

personal use unless specifically authorized. If personal use of the vehicle

is specifically authorized, only the employee will drive the vehicle.

• Emphasize defensive driving techniques and emphasize the driver take

reasonable care in the operation of the Company vehicle.

• Only company employees or other persons being transported for business

purposes will be allowed as passengers and only previously approved

company personnel are allowed to drive any company vehicle.

• No consumption of alcoholic beverages or other drugs is allowed prior to

or while operating a company vehicle. Nor is operating a vehicle while

under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Nor is anyone else allowed

to operate the vehicle under these conditions. No open container (alcohol)

is ever allowed by driver or any passenger of a company vehicle.

• All traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to the operation

of motor vehicles will be obeyed at all times. The driver will pay any

fines, parking tickets, or other assessments for violations of traffic laws,

ordinances, or regulations imposed when they are the responsibility of

the driver.

• Driver will wear a seat belt at all times and will require all passengers to

do so as well.

• Prior to driving the vehicle, a safety check will be performed. This will

include checking tires, lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, rear view mirrors,

and brakes to be sure they appear to be in safe operating condition. If

defects are noted, the driver will immediately report deficiencies to a

supervisor or manager.

• In the event of an accident, the Company automobile accident reporting

procedures will all be adhered to.

• Driver should understand that if they are involved in an at fault accident

with a company vehicle they will be required to attend a remedial driving

school or attend a defensive driving course at their expense.

• Regarding the use of cell phone, smart phone or mobile radio of any

kind, any of the following is strictly prohibited while operating a “moving”