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Florida Pool Pro


• October 2020


By David Griffiths, Insurance By Ken Brown /

The importance of a company driver policy

Does your company have a specific driver policy which you

review with newly hired employees as well as all employees

annually? If not, you are missing out on one of best risk

management tools available to you.

Having an official, written driver policy shows both your

employees and your insurer that you take the issue very

seriously. Rightly so, considering the fact that you are entrusting

an employee with a multi-ton moving object with your name on it.

Most importantly, it can help reduce claims and keep safety on the minds

of your drivers. In this day and age, any risk management strategies you can

put into place will go a long way in controlling claims and, therefore, premiums.

The daily exposure to catastrophic claims is probably higher in the

operations of your vehicles than in any other scope of your business. That is

because it is constant, because auto accidents are occurring at a much more

frequent rate these days, and because the monetary value of settlements is


Florida is busy again and growing again. Those two facts combined with

the fact that your drivers are out on the road with many distractions, making

important decisions

independently makes

Flor ida roads more

dangerous and leads to

more accidents every


Outlined below are

criteria of a good driver

policy that can be used

as the framework for

your company’s driver

policy. Please tailor

it for your company’s

needs. You should also