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October 2020 • Florida Pool Pro




Almost all lenders will deny working with companies that are not properly

licensed and insured in their particular area. So almost immediately you

separate yourself from both your legitimate and illegitimate competition.

If you partner with a lending bank, they are able to offer many options,

almost always more than your prospect’s bank can offer, and they are usually

contractor-friendly. That means a quicker turnaround of funds for you. In

fact, the company Horner partners with forwards 50% of the funds to you

when you sign the contract. Lastly, when the financing options you offer are

in your control, your accounts receivable issues almost disappear. Think of

the respect you command in the remodel industry when you advertise the

strength of the FSPA, the arbitration clause that only FSPAmembers can use,

and the fact that you can offer the full package to your prospects.

Like all things, putting a financing option in your package takes time to

get used to. There are some fees that you have to learn to put into the job,

and these fees differ with the options the lenders provide. However, lenders

also offer no fee options your clients may want to take advantage of. You

can’t be afraid of this, because it is in almost every facet of our lives, from

furniture purchase to other home improvements. Knowing when to bring the

fact that you offer financing options into the sales presentation is important.

All of these questions can be answered when you work with a full-service

lender. At HornerXpress, our lender partner will speak with you at any time

to answer these questions, and you should demand the same from anyone

you choose to work with.

In closing, remember that offering financing is not new, or novel, it is almost

required for forward-thinking companies. It is a tool that you will use more

and more as you become more comfortable with the process, and my bet is

once you offer it, you will love it. For more information about being able to

offer financing or to look at your options, feel free to call me - Chris Piercy at