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Florida Pool Pro


• October 2020


If you are involved in any type of home improvement business,

whether or not you have a consumer financing program available

to your prospective clients may be the difference between getting

the job, or not getting the job.

An increasing statistic shows that 50%of all home improvement

project show they are being financed. You can either be in control

of that part of a project, or have it out of your control. Control means that you

partner with a bank or financing company which can do a couple of things

for you.

The first thing they can do is provide a quick and easy approval process.

Many of the lending institutions that forward-thinking companies use can

provide an approval within minutes sometimes, and usually no later than

within an hour or two. The benefit of this is you know exactly how much they

are approved for and how much more they can spend. This is extremely

important because in most cases the homeowner spends more when they

know they are approved for more. That makes it easier to sell the outdoor

kitchen, heater, or water feature they wanted but didn’t think they could afford.

Secondly, partner with the right company so there are options. Most

lending institutions offer several different types of financing geared to what the

homeowner wants, or needs. These include same-as-cash options, straight

payment options, and several other ways for paying the loan back. Almost

every customer can have their payment need fulfilled if you choose a good

partner. Another important factor is that the lending company can handle the

varying project costs you may experience. For instance, the company that

HornerXpress partners with can finance any project from $1,000 to $75,000.

In addition, almost all lending companies are not based on home equity, they

are based on customers credit rating, which can save you time and them


When you bring up the financing, it immediately lends credibility to your

company. It shows you can offer a turnkey package to the potential client.

The importance of having consumer

financing available

By Chris Piercy, Team Horner /