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October 2020 • Florida Pool Pro




weekly cost (40 hours at $x/hour) and multiply by 52 weeks, then divide by

12 months, you get your base labor cost per month. Once again, divide that

by 75 pools for a labor cost per pool per month. When we dig into the weeds

on extra labor expense we find another monthly cost in employer paid taxes

and workers’ compensation insurance. Divide that by 75 pools and add it in

to the tech’ labor costs to give you the total labor per pool per month.

So, when we add up the total cost of materials, our truck expenses per

pool per month, and labor, we get an overall cost per pool per month.

WAIT AMINUTE…. I am losing money for every lower rate pool I service?


When I dug further in the model, the additional price for pool service on

top of the base costs is essentially all profit. This means, a small increase

in the rate could possibly double your profit. That got me thinking into what

is the real value of a pool account!

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