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October 2020 • Florida Pool Pro



play elements), or school groups (swim lanes for practices/competitions).

These critical design decisions greatly help determine some additional

amenities to be added to the pool, drive the demand, and result in a higher

revenue stream from attendance.

While that covers the functions and programming of the pool, project owners

(municipalities) must consider the long-term operations of the pool, specifically

with how their equipment selections impact their maintenance costs. We are

firm believers in specifying equipment that saves time and resources, such

as automated controllers and advanced filtration options. For sustainability

reasons, Martin Aquatic always recommends top quality and state-of-the-art

filter systems, which have been shown to provide significant water savings,

as well as accompanying electrical savings. Though our clients may balk at

the higher upfront capital costs of new, modern filters, we always counsel

them through what they would be paying in ongoing labor and maintenance

using an inferior system.

In the end, we try to understand precisely what might have gone awry over

the years relating to the operation of the pool and then complete a design with

a qualified aquatic engineering consultant to prevent future failure. When the

design team can engineer the pool according to the real-world demands of

the project, everyone wins, primarily we think, the residents of the community.


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