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Florida Pool Pro


• October 2020

may not recognize the warning signs of a failing pool, it is up to us as aquatic

consultants to educate clients about what to look for, such as:

• Excessive maintenance: If the pool’s pump, filter, or other equipment

starts to require frequent repairs or replacements, consider assessing

the property.

• Unknown chemical and water loss: An unresolved chemical imbalance

can cause expensive problems over time and eventually result in the

closure of the pool.

• Cracks appearing on the deck and within the basin: In most cases, cracks

in the pool are not merely an issue of wear-and-tear. If you begin to notice

cracks or fissures, these can signal a structural issue with the pool. Some

cracks are easy to address if handled immediately.

• Water clarity: Pool water should always be crystal-clear, immaculate, and

sparkling in appearance. If the basin’s water requires frequent changes

due to clarity issues, this may be an early sign of a larger problem.

• Peeling, chipping, or cracking of tiles: Once pool tiles begin to suffer

excessive damage, this may indicate significant wear-and-tear or a

structural issue. Also, tiles in disrepair are too often a safety issue as

well. There is a better way to operate your pool.

• Non-working water play features: If your water play feature is inoperable,

it quickly becomes an attractive (or not-so-attractive) nuisance, which

may become unsafe.

While there might be a limit of what can be done once a pool has suffered

these kinds of systems failures, there aremany occasions when we are brought

in to help revitalize the pool through complete aquatic facility renovations. It

is critically essential for municipal operators and owners to understand that

replacing their existing, failing aquatic systems with the same low-grade

equipment or dysfunctional design choices could lead them back to their

municipal pool becoming inoperable again. We urge all operators to think

about adopting a philosophy that focuses on quality, long-term operation of

their pool and its programming use.

Our dedicated team at Martin Aquatic approaches every product with the

needs of the community in mind. We prefer to study the demographics of the

consumers; we can identify priorities by age groups such as seniors (perhaps

need a heated pool for aqua therapy), young families (looking for interactive