May 2022

20 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 GR SURVEY RESULTS Question 3 asked survey takers if they support allowing swim-up bars to be built at commercial/public pools in Florida. An overwhelming 72% survey respondents said they do support swim-up bars in Florida. There is currently a code modification proposal for the 2023 Florida Building Code that would create standards for swim-up bars at commercial swimming pools in Florida. Question 4 asked FSPA members if they "strongly approve," "approve," "neither approve or disapprove," "disapprove," or "strongly disapprove" of the Florida Department of Health being re-empowered to close commercial/ public swimming pools for needed repairs on safety markings, climbable structures, water egresses, hazardous chemical signage, chemical feeder/ filtration equipment, cross connections, direct suction vacuums, rinse shower, drain grates and skimmers, and safety barriers, fences/gates? Of the respondents, 81% responded that they either "strongly approve" or "approve" of re-empowering the Florida DOH in this way. Question 3: Do you support allowing swim-up bars in public pools? Question 4: How do you feel about the FL DOH being re-empowered to close public pools for needed repairs?