May 2022

14 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 Working with family can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Setting clear job descriptions and expectations are key to making it work. Not bringing work home with you is most important, and sometimes most difficult. In 2012 my son and I started Dino’s Pool Service & Repair. I trained him on the pool service portion of the business while I did the repairs and the book work. Pools were not his thing back then so he ended up pursuing a different path but always helped out in the summers. Recently, as my business was growing I was looking to expand, and then COVID hit. Thankfully my son came back full time and was eager to help me grow the business. He wanted to take over the pool service and help me run the shop. We had some hiccups along the way but most were due to poor communication. What we needed to do was sit down, discuss everything, and then put it down on paper. No, it’s not written in stone but rather it's written in pencil so we can modify things as we evolve. Every evening, we like to sit down to dinner and discuss our day. The challenge is keeping work separate from home. I recently read a story about a guy who touched a tree in front of his house before he went in each evening. He said that he was hanging all his work problems on that tree so as not to bring them inside to his family. It is a great idea but it is very hard to do when multiple members of the family work together. Here the key is to remember not to discuss problems but rather funny stories, interesting people, or uplifting events that happened during the day. It is not easy to limit work conversations at home but, when it is unavoidable, it helps to keep the conversation short, to the point, and away from the dinner table. Another thing that helps to make working with family run smoothly is something that we taught in scouting. We praise in public and we discipline in private. Hopefully my experience can help you with your family business. By Dino Muggeo, Dino's Pool Service & Repair / When family is business THE SCOOP ON SERVICE