May 2022

10 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS opportunity to a college degree would be a technical or trade degree. Educated and qualified tradesman are always in high demand and a technical college charges significantly less than a typical college. Not to mention that a majority of graduates can start off in their new career with a high salary compared to other degrees. Mike Rowe is one of those Hollywood actors that we all love to watch and listen to and is prominently featured on the Discovery Channel. One of the roles he is most recognized for is on the TV show Dirty Jobs. He is very outspoken and is a huge advocate of youth going into the trades industries rather than the typical college route. He is very passionate about this and has a foundation that awards scholarships to deserving hardworking recipients. As an industry, this is something that we need to get behind. We need to promote and encourage our youth to consider a career in trades rather than the underwater basket weaving degree, which they will never use, and the associated debt. Of course, this is slightly self-serving but if we want to continue to advance our industry we need to look toward the future and the next generation that will eventually take it over. Future tradesmen will need to be trained and knowledgeable in the different trades specific to the pool industry. Unfortunately, these trades are very specific to our industry and do not cross over to other industries like residential or commercial tile, plumbing and concrete. Therefore, we will have to recruit and mentor this future generation ourselves to ensure we will have a future workforce. Technical colleges and trade schools need to start looking at the pool industry and the trades within our industry and offer educational courses as they do with the construction industry and other trades. If we can get more trade schools to offer courses related to the pool industry this would help us tremendously. FSPA is currently working on this on our behalf! Groups like our Young Professional Council, and others, can help spearhead these efforts and encourage youths to look at the trade industry as a career, and not just a part-time summer job. Partnerships and investments with organizations like the Future Builders of America are crucial in recruiting and educating youth in the construction industry and can play a large role in transfusing our industry with new blood. We all have to make time to look outside of our industry and encourage youth to consider a trade as a career