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A publication of the Florida Swimming Pool Association May 2022 Water Safety Month Make the commitment to donate a specific amount per pool built or pool cleaned. Visit to sign up Donors can display a special badge on their website, social media, and contracts! May is

2 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Florida Pool Prosm © 2022 Florida Swimming Pool Association. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. 2555 Porter Lake Drive, Ste. 106 Sarasota, FL 34240 (941) 952-9293 / (866) 930-FSPA Fax: (941) 366-7433 Association Mission: Advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry Executive Director Elizabeth McMurray Sr. Dir. of Communications & Marketing Charis Tyson Senior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen Accounting Manager Cheryl Cotten Events & Programs Manager Jessica Johnson Office Manager Valerie Swika Workforce Education Manager Brittany Cagle PR & Digital Media Specialist Alyssa Holcomb Membership Services Specialist Kelly Sauro President Mickey Sigmon Pool Pro, Inc., Fort Pierce Vice-President Don Ball The Pool Works of Florida, Inc., Largo Treasurer Ben Evans American Pools and Spas, Inc., Orlando Secretary Deidre Bedford West Coast Pools, Bradenton At-Large Director Roy Waldhauer Waldhauer & Son, Inc., Bunnell Past President Maurice Bushroe Blue Ribbon Pools, Daytona Beach Published monthly by the Florida Swimming Pool Association CONTENTS Water safety may save a life President's Column S *** You Should Know Wins for the pool industry Executive Director's Column Our aging workforce Builder Article National Water Safety Month When family is business Service Article Florida property insurance woes to continue Insurance Article 2021 FSPA Government Relations Survey Results Chapter News Calendar 4 7 6 9 12 14 15 18 22 41 All FSPA members are welcome to attend state Board of Directors meetings. If you would like more information or to RSVP, visit or call 800-548-6774. June 10-11 Board of Directors Meeting Westin Tampa Waterside Tampa

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 3 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS AquaCal AutoPilot is donating $2.22 of every heat pump sold this year to Every Child a Swimmer. Learn more and pledge your support too! 2737 24th St. N. - St. Petersburg, FL 33713 - 727.823.5642 - Available at your local HornerXpress® Branch. TH-1628 4_22 *Additional purchase of PoolSync® WiFi Controller required Get advanced functionality when paired with the PoolSync® WiFi Controller. • View current salt level and water temperature • See how much salt to add, when needed • Receive notification when the cell needs to be cleaned High Tech Line of Salt Chlorine Generators Introducing the Improved Control your salt chlorine generator right through your phone Models available for pools up to 50,000 gallons Advanced sensors measure temperature, salt level and flow

4 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA PRESIDENT FSPA President Mickey Sigmon Water safety may save a life If this year’s spring break is any indication, bathing suit season is BACK! People from all over the United States ditched their face coverings for bathing suits and cover-ups and flocked to Florida for a dose of fun in the sun. Who can blame them? We all love that feeling of the sun warming our faces while the water cools our feet, but as swimming pool professionals, we know the most important detail for fun in the Florida sun is water safety. The Florida Swimming Pool Association is an advocate for water safety. From the equipment pad to the water chemistry, we know the only way to ensure a safely built and maintained pool is to hire licensed pool professionals. FSPAworks closely with the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (FL CILB) to keep the laws governing the pool industry current and fair. In March 2022, Senior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen, along with Paul Lowell and Carlos Cruz of Converge Become eligible to service public pools /spas Certification is valid for five years. Find information and registration at Approved by the state of FL Dept. of Health as a 16-hour Florida public pool service technician certification course. Learn operation principles, basic calculations, safety, water illnesses, water chemistry, sanitation, specialty chemicals, special problems, water testing, circulation and filtration systems, spa pools and hot water chemistry. FSPA Members: $300 Non Members: $400 Learn current standards for Florida public pools/spas May 12-13: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or June 24-25: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. FSPA TEC Center, Sarasota

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 5 FSPA PRESIDENT Government Affairs of Florida, successfully maneuvered SB222 through the state House of Representatives and the Senate. If signed by the governor, this allows exemptions for swimming pool contractors to oversee the work of non-licensed subcontractors – a great step forward for swimming pool construction and workplace safety in the state of Florida. Proper construction of new pools, and spas and maintenance of existing pools and spas, is another critical component of water safety and the FSPA knows this is achieved through education. Our association links members to innovative learning opportunities at our annual expo and throughout the year. At this year’s Everything Under the Sunsm Expo, the FSPA offered the Florida Public Pool Specialistsm (FPPS) certification, gas licensing courses, handson workshops, and 65 continuing education courses to keep our members informed of best practices for safe swimming environments. One additional learning opportunity is FSPA's Apprenticeship Program – a highly structured system for on-the-job training and mentorship under the skillful eye of a FSPA member. We also provide safety resources for pool professionals as well as pool owners at Water safety can only be complete with skilled swimmers. Swimming lessons are vital for all residents of Florida. With water nearly everywhere we live and work, swimming is a survival skill. The FSPA is proud to announce the passing of SB364 creating the Florida Swims specialty license plate. If the bill is signed by the governor, the plate will help fund FSPA’s Florida Swims Foundation and swimming lessons across the state of Florida. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get one of these plates for your car (or your entire fleet!). May is National Water Safety Month, but we want the citizens of Florida safe in the water every month. Thank you for all you do to make this happen. It is my honor to work alongside you to raise awareness of water safety and showcase the greatness of our industry. We rise together.

6 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Wins for the pool industry Elizabeth McMurray FSPA Executive Director Greetings Florida Pool Prosm readers, I am so excited to share a few big government relations wins with you all: Bothof ourpriority legislativebills (our subcontractor bill and license plate bill) unanimously passed the state legislature and are awaiting signature by our Governor. SB222 (subcontractor bill) is the first major amendment to Section 489 of the Florida State Statues in almost 30 years. This is a huge win for FSPA! Thank you to all Board members who supported us in Tallahassee to make these initiatives a priority and ensured our success! You will see further updates from us once these are signed. I am slowly but surely making the rounds to spend time with each FSPA Chapter across our state and recently attended the FSPANorth Central Florida Chapter’s Clay Shoot. I want to share with all of you what I witnessed there: True comradery, a great networking event, a hardworking and talented Chapter Coordinator in Sonja Dickey, amazing support of our efforts by the event’s sponsors, and funds being raised for our Florida Swims Foundation and its programs, including our swim lessons efforts and the Margaret M. Brown Scholarship Fund. I also saw a ton of folks riding around with shotguns in golf carts (myself included), which is most certainly an unusual sight to see! I share all of the above to encourage each and every reader of this publication to get engaged or RE-engaged in your local chapter. All of you may think you know what you will experience there, but every event is different and brings you new and exciting opportunities to learn, share, experience and focus on FSPA’s mission, which is to advance our industry. Please come out and be a part of the action and come to a chapter event or meeting this month! Don’t forget that our next Board of Directors meeting is right around the corner, June 10-11 at the Westin Waterside Tampa. Our Board of Directors meetings are open to all members, so please RSVP on the website www. if you would like to attend. All My Best, Elizabeth McMurray

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 7 S*** You Should Know A: One of the best ways to support FSPA’s lobbying efforts at the state and local levels is to donate to the Pool Industry Political Action Committee (PIPAC). PIPAC helps the industry by supporting candidates and legislators who work to advance important swimming pool and spa industry issues; from reducing the costs of doing business, to employment and workforce issues, to water safety and sanitation to building standards. The relationships that FSPAbuilds with policymakers through PIPAC gets important industry issues in front of legislative leadership and in front of the governor and key advisors. By giving to PIPAC you are making your voice heard in the Capitol. Donate to PIPAC today by visiting or calling 941-952-9293. If you have any questions please contact FSPA Senior Director of Government Affairs, Dallas Thiesen, at 941-952-9293 or at Dallas@ S *** You Should Know Q: I want to support FSPA’s Government Relations effort to advance the swimming pool and spa industry, how can I get involved?

8 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FLORIDA POOL PERMITS Permits provided by HBW / County Name March 2021 March 2022 Alachua County 16 11 Bay County 43 48 Brevard County 146 90 Broward County 69 123 Calhoun County 0 0 Charlotte County 146 125 Citrus County 12 34 Clay County 23 16 Collier County 201 167 Dade County 194 178 Duval County 85 79 Escambia County 32 8 Flagler County 80 30 Franklin County 6 0 Gadsden County 0 0 Gulf County 0 3 Hernando County 28 23 Highlands County 11 13 Hillsborough County 90 183 Holmes County 0 1 Indian River County 42 39 Jackson County 1 1 Jefferson County 0 0 Lake County 35 44 Lee County 372 206 Leon County 20 19 Liberty County 0 0 Manatee County 164 190 Marion County 43 38 Martin County 51 31 Nassau County 30 32 Okaloosa County 38 34 Orange County 190 148 Osceola County 33 67 Palm Beach County 250 258 Pasco County 208 62 Pinellas County 107 61 Polk County 128 85 Putnam County 1 1 Santa Rosa County 88 56 Sarasota County 155 204 Seminole County 10 10 St Johns County 121 170 St Lucie County 93 57 Sumter County 62 27 Volusia County 155 74 Wakulla County 9 6 Walton County 61 63 Washington County 0 0 TOTALS 3649 3115 County Name March 2021 March 2022

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 9 DIGGING UP IDEAS Our aging workforce By Shawn Wiseman, Wiseman Pools Most everyone has been affected in one form or another by the current state of our industry, whether by supply chain shortages or labor shortages. The recent surge in demand for pools has strained our already shrinking workforce. One concerning factor is a large portion of the pool industry’s subcontractors are getting older and are aging out of our industry. I would be willing to bet that most of us who use subcontractors know at least one, if not more, who are in their 60’s or older and are still out in the field preforming their trade day in and day out. The concern here is that there is not a whole lot of fresh blood, so to speak, coming into our industry to keep the sub trades going. The stigma of not having a college degree has forced so many into obtaining a degree which they may never use, not to mention the debt that comes along with it. Another option which should be promoted as an equal, if not better, Continued on page 10 SENSAFE ITSSENSAFE SENSAFE_ITS • • 800-861-9712 USING ALTERNATIVE POOL SANITIZERS? SALT LOW CHLORINE COPPER BORATE OZONE TEST WITH THE BEST! SIN0721_½ ad.indd 1 6/18/21 4:12 PM

10 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS opportunity to a college degree would be a technical or trade degree. Educated and qualified tradesman are always in high demand and a technical college charges significantly less than a typical college. Not to mention that a majority of graduates can start off in their new career with a high salary compared to other degrees. Mike Rowe is one of those Hollywood actors that we all love to watch and listen to and is prominently featured on the Discovery Channel. One of the roles he is most recognized for is on the TV show Dirty Jobs. He is very outspoken and is a huge advocate of youth going into the trades industries rather than the typical college route. He is very passionate about this and has a foundation that awards scholarships to deserving hardworking recipients. As an industry, this is something that we need to get behind. We need to promote and encourage our youth to consider a career in trades rather than the underwater basket weaving degree, which they will never use, and the associated debt. Of course, this is slightly self-serving but if we want to continue to advance our industry we need to look toward the future and the next generation that will eventually take it over. Future tradesmen will need to be trained and knowledgeable in the different trades specific to the pool industry. Unfortunately, these trades are very specific to our industry and do not cross over to other industries like residential or commercial tile, plumbing and concrete. Therefore, we will have to recruit and mentor this future generation ourselves to ensure we will have a future workforce. Technical colleges and trade schools need to start looking at the pool industry and the trades within our industry and offer educational courses as they do with the construction industry and other trades. If we can get more trade schools to offer courses related to the pool industry this would help us tremendously. FSPA is currently working on this on our behalf! Groups like our Young Professional Council, and others, can help spearhead these efforts and encourage youths to look at the trade industry as a career, and not just a part-time summer job. Partnerships and investments with organizations like the Future Builders of America are crucial in recruiting and educating youth in the construction industry and can play a large role in transfusing our industry with new blood. We all have to make time to look outside of our industry and encourage youth to consider a trade as a career

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 DIGGING UP IDEAS and the benefits they can look forward to. We need to be mentoring them up properly and not just throwing them in the deep end to see if they sink or swim. This will have to be a focus for all of us and I hope this rant of mine may make you think of someone who you can speak with about a career in our pool industry. 800.641.9247 Specially designed with a patent pending proprietary formula, the six unique Diamond Brite Jewels finishes have unparalleled fade resistance and are highly UV stable. Through the years this will be the catalyst for keeping your rich, vibrant finish color as beautiful as when it was first installed, taking your poolscape from ordinary to something extraordinary. Why the Best Choice for Your Pool is... FSPA_DB_Jewels_half_page_Revision_Aug_2020.indd 1 8/19/2020 11:17:23 AM

12 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 WATER SAFETY Quantity Price* Postage 50 $2.50 $7.00 100 $5.00 $8.00 250 $10.00 $10.00 500 $15.00 $13.00 *Pricing is based on total quantity of all types of brochures. Pool Watcher Badges $1 each (includes a lanyard) Play and Learn with Splash the Penguin! Florida Swimming Pool Association 2555 Porter Lake Dr., Suite 106 • Sarasota, FL 34240 (941) 952-9293 • Coloring books - $0.25 each Circulation/ Suction Entrapment Safety i l ion/ c i n apment The Florida Swimming Pool Association’s guide to ... Swimming Pools and Storms Tips for Storm Preparation and Reactivation The FSPA is promoting its annual swimming pool safety month in Florida during the month of May in conjunction with the National Water Safety Month. Join these efforts by purchasing materials to give out to your customers. FSPA members can order low-cost safety brochures. Donating to the Florida Swims Foundation sends money directly for swimming lessons in Florida - Promote safety to homeowners by ordering safety activity books, Splash the Penguin stuffed toys, pool watcher badges, temporary tattoos, suction entrapment brochures and safety brochures. Call 866-930-FSPA to preview any of the brochures and to place your order. Members pay only pennies per brochure! May is National Water Safety Month FSPA beach ball - $1 each Splash the Penguin Temporary Tattoos ($5 / 50) View the inside of this brochure on page15

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 13 WATER SAFETY Order brochures for water safety month! Call 941-952-9293

14 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 Working with family can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Setting clear job descriptions and expectations are key to making it work. Not bringing work home with you is most important, and sometimes most difficult. In 2012 my son and I started Dino’s Pool Service & Repair. I trained him on the pool service portion of the business while I did the repairs and the book work. Pools were not his thing back then so he ended up pursuing a different path but always helped out in the summers. Recently, as my business was growing I was looking to expand, and then COVID hit. Thankfully my son came back full time and was eager to help me grow the business. He wanted to take over the pool service and help me run the shop. We had some hiccups along the way but most were due to poor communication. What we needed to do was sit down, discuss everything, and then put it down on paper. No, it’s not written in stone but rather it's written in pencil so we can modify things as we evolve. Every evening, we like to sit down to dinner and discuss our day. The challenge is keeping work separate from home. I recently read a story about a guy who touched a tree in front of his house before he went in each evening. He said that he was hanging all his work problems on that tree so as not to bring them inside to his family. It is a great idea but it is very hard to do when multiple members of the family work together. Here the key is to remember not to discuss problems but rather funny stories, interesting people, or uplifting events that happened during the day. It is not easy to limit work conversations at home but, when it is unavoidable, it helps to keep the conversation short, to the point, and away from the dinner table. Another thing that helps to make working with family run smoothly is something that we taught in scouting. We praise in public and we discipline in private. Hopefully my experience can help you with your family business. By Dino Muggeo, Dino's Pool Service & Repair / When family is business THE SCOOP ON SERVICE

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 15 By David Griffiths, Insurance by Ken Brown / Florida property insurance woes to continue Last month we began the discussion of property insurance in Florida and looked at data on litigations and the Legislature’s failure to act. Here is some more information. The Insurance Information Institute reports statewide premiums are up nearly 25 percent this year. Experts say there is a myriad of issues. "Rampant roofing fraud, runaway litigation and rising replacement costs of homes," said Insurance Information Institute spokesman Mark Friedlander. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida's insurance companies had $1.6 billion in underwriting losses in 2021. “The state of homeowners insurance in Florida right now is in crisis, we are in serious crisis mode, where we’re on a trajectory that the private insurance market could collapse,” said Friedlander. Further, “every insurer is losing money, and they’re losing a lot of money.” The 52 insurance companies writing policies in Florida lost more than $1.6 billion. This year, fewer companies will write policies in Florida because of those losses. There's much more than just roofing fraud causing rising premiums in 2022. Supply chain disruptions cause a lack of building materials like lumber. In turn, it costs more for insurance companies to pay to rebuild homes a f t er a f i l ed c l a im. That is forcing more homeowners to rely on Ci tizens Property Insurance Corporation, the state’s insurer of last resort. 777,000 Fl or i d i ans now use INSURANCE UPDATE

16 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 INSURANCE UPDATE Citizens Property Insurance to protect their homes. That is up 222,000 policies compared to 2020 and citizens has its own challenges with which to contend. In January of this year, the insurer was served with 943 lawsuits, a 41% increase over January 2021. The vast majority of the suits were from homeowners, and most were filed in South Florida. The number of new litigated claims increased by a third last year over the previous year. In 2021, Citizens, the state-run insurer, was hit with 10,085 lawsuits, or an average of 878 new suits per month. Water damage is increasingly a cost driver. “Water-loss lawsuits are also now on a sharp upward trend, reversing the previous downward trend experienced from 2020 to 2021,” reads a report to the Citizens Claims Committee. Assignment-of-benefits suits made up about a third of the residential lawsuits in 2021, a 14% increase over the previous year. In January 2022, Citizens saw 1,146 AOB lawsuits. If that level continues, 2022 numbers will outpace 2021 by about 2,000. If you're looking for an end to this premium crunch, Friedlander paints a bleak picture. The average yearly cost to keep a policy in this state is nearly double what it is in the rest of the country. "We will continue to see rising insurance costs for at least the next year or two, regardless of what happens with the Legislature. It will not be an immediate fix," said Friedlander. Some state officials and industry advocates have said the pullbacks, along with major rate increase requests from other insurers, are the latest indications that Florida’s insurance crisis may be worsening, likely leading to a market with only a handful of carriers left standing in years to come. “All of these companies suspending writing should be the canary in the coal mine for lawmakers,” said William Stander, director of the Florida Property and Casualty Association (FAIA). During the 2022 Legislative Session, FAIA advocated for several priority bills—SB 1728 (Boyd)/HB 1307 (Gregory) and SB 468 (Perry)/HB 503 (Gregory). The bills were merged into one insurance bill (SB 468) seeking to tackle issues, including: • Confronting the "free-roof" scam; • Prohibiting abusive solicitation tactics utilized by contractors/roofers; • Enforcing attorney pre-suit notice requirements; and,

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 17 INSURANCE UPDATE • Requiring insurance expertise and experience for Citizens Board of Governors’ appointees and executive director. On the final day of Session as time ran out, the House and Senate failed to reach an agreement on the bill's provisions. Florida consumers will pay the price. The inability to address the deteriorating market is a reminder that the smallest of circumstances can derail the most critical issues. The most disappointing part is that millions of consumers are left standing in the rain without an umbrella. With the support of incoming 2023 House and Senate legislative leadership we are optimistic that brighter days are ahead. Precision Control & BECS Controller Line • Reliable, 30 Year Track Record • All Items in Stock for Immediate Shipment • In-Field Service & Repair by Factory Techs • Leaders in Remote Control & Communication • ORP & Direct Reading PPM • Control Systems at Every Price Level Commercial Energy Specialists Excellence inWater Quality Control Since 1983 FL/Carribean Master Distributor/Service Center 800-940-1557

18 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 GR SURVEY RESULTS By Dallas Thiesen, Senior Director of Government Affairs / 2021 FSPA Government Relations Survey Results At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, FSPAconducted its first ever Government Relations Survey. The purpose of the survey was to get feedback from FSPA members with their thoughts on current and possible future government relations issues affecting the Florida swimming pool and spa industry. The results of this survey will be used by the FSPABoard of Directors and staff in developing and accomplishing FSPA’s government relations goals over the next year. Going forward, FSPA will perform a Government Relations Survey at the end of each year. The yearly Government Relations Survey will be one of the many ways FSPA members can make their voice heard and affect direction of FSPA’s government relations agenda. The 2021 FSPA Government Relations Survey was conducted from December 10, 2021 through January 15, 2022 via Survey Monkey. The survey was distributed to all FSPA members via weekly e-newsletters, direct distribution from FSPA chapter coordinators, and announcements in Florida

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 19 GR SURVEY RESULTS Pool Prosm magazine. A total of 63 FSPA members responded to the survey, giving FSPAvital information that will help shape the association’s government relations priorities. The results of the 2021 FSPAGovernment Relations Survey are summarized below. Question 1 asked survey respondents to rank five recent FSPAgovernment relations projects from one to five, one being the most important to them and five being the least important to them. The most important issue for the surveyed members was ensuring that all swimming pool and spa contractors take a licensing exam before being issued a contractor’s license. This was followed closely by obtaining a licensing exemption for swimming pool subcontractors (Jim Walter’s Exemption). Question 2: Would you order the Florida Swims Specialty License Plate? Question 2 asked FSPA members if they would order the Florida Swims Specialty Vehicle License Plate if FSPA was successful in gaining legislative authorization for the plate. A total of 64% of respondents said they would order the Florida Swims Specialty Vehicle License Plate to help fund childhood swimming lessons in Florida. In the 2022 Florida Legislative Session the legislature passed a bill that will create the Florida Swims Specialty Vehicle License Plate, the bill is currently awaiting final approval by the governor.

20 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 GR SURVEY RESULTS Question 3 asked survey takers if they support allowing swim-up bars to be built at commercial/public pools in Florida. An overwhelming 72% survey respondents said they do support swim-up bars in Florida. There is currently a code modification proposal for the 2023 Florida Building Code that would create standards for swim-up bars at commercial swimming pools in Florida. Question 4 asked FSPA members if they "strongly approve," "approve," "neither approve or disapprove," "disapprove," or "strongly disapprove" of the Florida Department of Health being re-empowered to close commercial/ public swimming pools for needed repairs on safety markings, climbable structures, water egresses, hazardous chemical signage, chemical feeder/ filtration equipment, cross connections, direct suction vacuums, rinse shower, drain grates and skimmers, and safety barriers, fences/gates? Of the respondents, 81% responded that they either "strongly approve" or "approve" of re-empowering the Florida DOH in this way. Question 3: Do you support allowing swim-up bars in public pools? Question 4: How do you feel about the FL DOH being re-empowered to close public pools for needed repairs?

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 21 GR SURVEY RESULTS Question5asked respondentshow theywould rate theFSPA’s communication of government affairs issues to FSPA members. Respondents could choose from “exceeded expectations,” “met expectations,” or “below expectations.” Of those who participated in the survey, 94% responded that communication on government affairs issues "exceeded expectations" or "met expectations." Thank you to all of the members who responded to the survey, your input will help FSPA shape and accomplish its government affairs mission of advancing the swimming pool and spa industry. Be on the lookout for the 2022 FSPA Government Relations Survey in December of this year! If you have any questions or concerns about the 2021 FSPAGovernment Relations Survey please reach out to FSPASenior Director of Government Affairs, Dallas Thiesen, at or at 941-952-9293. Question 5: How would you rate FSPA's communication of government affairs issues to FSPA members.

22 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS What might be heard at Mount Rushmore about Salt Water Pools... I keep the pH in the correct range. I add conditioner as needed, honestly. I check the salt level and only use AQUASALT. I clean the cell every 2 to 3 months of use. 7.5 x 4.75 Florida Pool Pro Broward Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 On Wednesday, April 27 the Broward Chapter headed over to Aqua Champs who hosted our meeting and a wonderful Behind-the-Scenes tour of their facility located in Oakland Park. We appreciate all those who attended and are very excited about our continued growth of our Chapter! The teamat Aqua Champs hosted the Broward Chapter meeting in April; thank you very much. Wow! What an amazing job Misty Knight, Fluidra, and Rick Myers, Lo-Chlor, did getting such an amazing commitment from the following annual sponsors. We are so thankful and excited to be able to provide more events, donate more dollars and overall have a very healthy Chapter. Thank you!

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 23 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Thank you so much to our Broward Chapter President Rick Myers for helping to create the new Lifeguard Awareness Committee. Your business can still support!! Contact our Chapter Coordinator Diane Michael for more details. Title Sponsors: HornerXpress, Stone Hardscapes, AquaCal, and Lo-Chlor; Fluidra; Pentair; Hayward; and SGM.GoldSponsors: Pool Corp. and Raypak. Silver Sponsor: Proline Distributors. On Thursday, April 7, the first meeting took place for the Lifeguard Awareness Commi t tee. Thi s committee has come together with an initial goal of growing the number of lifeguards in Broward and Dade Counties. The initial group is comprised of individuals from fire and rescue, parks and recreation, swim schools, and a representative from Every Chi ld A Swimmer, as well as member companies of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, Broward Chapter. For the first time ever, we are hearing from professionals who recruit lifeguards, that they are losing qualified individuals to the fast food industry. There’s a shortage and the FSPA Broward Chapter Board of Directors decided to get involved! The mission is to find those who want to become lifeguards and who either don’t have the swim experience yet or cannot afford the training. Stay tuned for more details Congratulations! Here are our newest Florida Public Pool Specialists! Kenneth Birge Keith Boyd Nicholas Eckhardt Colin Fisher-Jones Adam Gallina Joseph Golio David Heckman Lennox Hughes Michael LePoint Andres McAdams Craig McAdams Marcus Pearce Jonathan Quintero Christopher Sewards Scot Shewey Kenneth Smith Jonathan Stearman TJ Wood

24 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS on how this committee will work with the local community. The committee will be meeting the first Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. If you’re interested in being part of this group, please let Diane know. Join us for this year’s first fundraiser! For the Bjarne “Ike” Eikevik, Jr. we have rented the “Catch My Drift” boat and will be taking 70 members out on Saturday, May 22 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Fishing Headquarters, 301 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. We are excited to build camaraderie and network with one another on this day out on the water. Attendees are also encouraged to sponsor their employees to attend so they can help in the FUNdraising aspects of our Chapter! We will have several onboard contests and are looking into a place to meet after fishing for lunch and awards. The donation is $55 person and we are accepting sponsorships for the event t-shirt and marketing. If interested, please contact Diane. This boat will fill up so send us your names FSPA High School Invitational Swimming & Diving Meet September 23-24 Visit Support this event and the Florida Swims Foundation by being a sponsor! today! More details to come! Throughout the year, the Broward Chapter Board supports many local and state programs including Every Child A Swimmer. To grow ou r l oca l ou t r each program and continue to contribute to many valuable organizations and causes, we ask that review our 2022 sponsorship information. There are many options for your business to gain maximum exposure to the members of our Chapter. Please help us grow and support our goals.

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 25 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Mark your calendars for the Fishin’ Mission on May 22, a Chapter Meeting on June 15, a Tabletop and Auction in July, a Chapter Meeting on August 17, a Chapter Meeting on September 21, a Top Golf event in October, a Chapter Meeting on November 16, and a Holiday Party/Havana Nights in December. Please like our Facebook page at and our Instagram @FSPABrowardChapter. We appreciate your continued support! Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 The Central Florida Chapter would like to welcome Chem-Right Pool Service as our newest member. We have great meetings planned for the rest of the year; we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events! Thank you Sean Yakicic, Amerisure, for teaching our Chapter about fleet and truck management. It is greatly appreciated! Mark your calendar for June 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the HiltonAltamonte Springs for a special CE class with the Orange County Building Department. Those attending will receive one credit hour on building and a one hour combo class on electrical and plumbing. Currently the combo class is not for credit, but depending on approval status, it might be on the day of the class. This class is free for all to attend and will include lite refreshments and a cash bar. Premier Pools of Central Florida and HornerXpress are proud to present the 2022 Casino Night and Silent Auction. Please mark your calendar for September 30 for another great night benefiting education and safety around water! Contact for sponsorship and silent auction donation opportunities. The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be Tuesday, May 3 at noon via zoom. Meeting ID: 698 085 1212 and password: 1234. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Directors are working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Central Florida Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings.

26 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Charlotte Harbor Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 Thank you, David Griffiths, Insurance by Ken Brown, for teaching our members about workplace safety at the end of March. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with our members. Our Chapter is making sure all of our license holders get all of their credit hours in beforeAugust 2022! Thank you, Sean Yakicic, Amerisure, for teaching us about workplace safety in April; we look forward to having you back in the near future! RSVP today for a CE class on May 9. Dallas Thiesen, FSPASenior Director of Government Affairs, will share his knowledge on the FBCAdvanced Module 2020 Swimming Pool Update (CILB course #0613859, meets Advanced requirement, one hour, FPSA d/b/a FSPA providership #0000917). It starts at 6:00 p.m. at Wings and Rings, 1081 Price Blvd in North Port. Fore! Get your golf clubs out! HornerXpress presents the FSPA Charlotte Harbor Chapter Golf Tournament benefiting education and safety around water on May 21 at Heron Creek Golf Course. Thank you all the companies who are helping sponsor; we appreciate your continued support. Title Sponsor: HornerXpress; Lunch Sponsor: PoolCorp; Beverage Cart Sponsor: Hayward; Scorecard Sponsor: Gorman; Goodie Bag Sponsor: Blue Square; Cool Off Towel Sponsor: National Pool Route Sales; Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin Sponsor: Basecrete; and Hole Sponsors: Barb’s David Griffiths taught the Charlotte Harbor Chapter members about workplace safety in March. Thank you! Pool Service, Brenntag, Gorman, IPSSA, Ledge Lounger, Lo-Chlor, National Pool Route Sales, Pebble Tec, Pentair, Performance Link, Premix Marbletite, SCP, SGM, and Superior Pools of SW FL. Please contact to register you team and become a sponsor today! There is still time. Save the date! Another CE class

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 27 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS is coming your way! On June 21 at 6:00 p.m. at Celtic Ray in Punta Gorda, Mike Kopke, Pebble Tec, will be teaching Review of FL Start Up Techniques (CILB course #0612368, General, one hour, FPSA d/b/a FSPA providership #0000917). Watch your inbox for more information. The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be May 9 at 5:00 p.m. at Wing and Rings in North Port. Please stay for the CE class immediately following the Board meeting. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Board of Directors is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPACharlotte Harbor Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. East Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 Thank you to everyone who supported our Annual Corn Hole Tournament sponsored generously by Lo-Chlor and Waterside Electric. We sincerely appreciate Chris Hall, Waterside Electric, and Candice Lucas, Lo-Chlor, for their generous support by being sponsors! Huge congrats to the Red Rhino team for their first win! It was an intense ending and thanks to HornerXpress East Central Florida Chapter congratulates Team Red Rhino for taking home the win in the Cornhole Tournament. Thank you also to Lo-Chlor andWaterside Electric for being the event sponsors. for playing great games and coming in second. Long t ime membe r Jami e Ressler, Wayne's Solar, is an annual sponsor who hosted our meeting on April 12. We learned many interesting things about the solar industry, what's changing in 2023 and more information on how to help our customers get to their goals. Thank you, Jamie, for your continued support of our Chapter!

28 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS East Central Florida Chapter Past President Larry Drumb likes to celebrate members at Chapter meetings. In April we said Happy Birthday to past president Adam Beaty, Pool Captain Corp, and highlighted Mauroce Bushroe, Blue Ribbon Pools, for being honored as FSPA Person of the Year. East Central Florida Chapter thanks member Jamie Ressler, Wayne's Solar, for hosting a Chapter meeting and educating attendees on solar changes in Florida and ways to support clients with solar options. East Central Florida Chapter wants to say thank you so much to everyone who came out for our Annual Corn Hole Tournament where we raised funds for PIPAC. It's that time of year again! Pool Captain Corp. is holding onto their traveling plaque tight and challenging all to come to Sunshine Bowling on Tuesday, May 10 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. for our Annual Bowling Tournament. Members will enjoy drink and food specials and a great night out with their employees and fellow FSPA members. Sunshine Bowling Center is located at 595 E International Speedway Blvd. in Deland. The cost is a $25 donation per person and $10 for children under 12. Who will be taking the traveling plaque home? In place of our monthly meeting in May, we will all be bowling that Tuesday so please mark your calendars accordingly. Thank you! Allmeetingsareheldon thesecond Tuesdayof themonth from6:30p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Houligans, 1725 W Internat ional Speedway Blvd. , Daytona Beach, unless otherwise stated. Dinner cost is covered with a $20 donation for members and $25 for future members. Please be sure to bring guest! Guests are welcome to attend three meetings prior to joining. Your Board has decided to go with a hybrid approach to this year's meetings and events. If you want to sponsor, volunteer, or want more information, let Di know. More

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 29 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS details and dates to come. Save the dates for Chapter Meeting June 14, a Silent Auction (Thank you to Candice Lucas for chairing this fundraiser!) July 12, a Chapter MeetingAugust 9, a CE class September 13, a Golf Tournament (Thank you to Keith Quint and Kerry Tait for chairing this fundraiser!) in October, a Chapter Meeting sponsored by Jack’s Magic November 8, and a Holiday Party/Casino Night (Thank you to Larry Drumb and Holly Waldhauer for chairing this fundraiser!) December 13. P l e a s e l i k e o u r F a c e b o o k p a g e www. f a c e b o o k . c om / FSPAEastCentralChapterand our Instagram @FSPAEastCentralChapter. Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 What a fascinating presentation the members of Florida Gulf Coast Chapter received on April 13 at our monthly meeting. Thank you to Dr. Coffey and Mark Sauro from Lo-Chlor for hosting this night. We had another good turnout and thoughtful questions and great networking. Our newest member Zac Atkins, National Pool Partners, was there along with many longtime members. Thanks to all. We are so grateful for having an active Chapter! We sold-out our Annual Fishing Tournament pretty quickly and the sponsors are just amazing! Thank you so much to our Title Sponsors: HornerXpress and Hayward. Also, thank Thank you to all who came out to the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting in April hosted by Lo-Chlor. The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter's meeting "Stump the Chemist" was a great success. Thank you, Dr. Coffey for sharing your knowledge.

30 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS you to our Supporting Sponsors: Aquatic Pool Repair, Aqua Leak Detection, Lo-Chlor, Fluidra, ClearBlue Ionizer, and Commercial Aquatics Resource. We will see everyone Saturday, May 15 at 8:30 a.m. at Sea Trek in Fort Myers. Because we are hosting our Annual Fishing Tournament, there will be no Chapter meeting in May. Stuart Cohen, Commercial Aquatics Resource, has agreed to sit on the Commercial Council representing the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter. We appreciate your time and support, Stuart! A lot of business is done at our Chapter meetings and events. We see it every month! We understand how busy everyone is and how much limited time we all have to commit to extra nights out. Please remember that part of your membership is the ability to network with other professionals in your field. Not only do business relationships get stronger and deals are made, but members have the opportunity to talk with one another about the challenges and solutions that come up for all. Please dedicate time to be part of the local Chapter. We appreciate you! Instead of our usual meeting in July, we are hosting our Annual Member Appreciation Bowling Bash July 13 from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. sponsored by Callan Group Communications and HornerXpress. This year we are going to move locations to Headpinz Naples, 8525 Radio Lane. Because of the large turnout last year, we have reserved the private bowling area. We are asking for sponsors for this event to help underwrite the costs associated so we can continue to provide this to members for free. More details to come. Thank you to all who continue to sponsor! Save the date! We are back to the second Wednesday of the month for 2022. Thank you for your understanding. All monthly meetings are from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Famous Dave’s in Fort Myers unless otherwise stated. Please be sure to bring guest! Their first dinner is always free to check out our growing Chapter. May 15 is theAnnual Fishing Tournament, June 8 is a Chapter Meeting held at MissionBBQsponsoredby AquaLeakDetection, July13 isMemberAppreciation BowlingNight,August 10 is aChapterMeeting sponsored by Fluidra, September 14 is a Chapter Meeting, October is the Tabletop &Annual Auction, November 9 is a CE course, and December 14 is the “Not So Silent Night” Holiday Party. Follow us at and FSPAGulfCoast.

32 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Florida West Coast Chapter Coordinator: Malinda Howard (727) 638-6072 The Chapter Board met Tuesday, April 5 at Chili’s in Clearwater. Thank you to Brian Gangelhoff and A Pool’s Best Friend, for sponsoring the lunch. The next Chapter Board of Directors meeting will be held at noon Tuesday, May 3 at Queen’s Pizza, 1834 N. Belcher Road, Clearwater. Our Board of Directors meetings are usually scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month. All Chapter members are welcome to attend. We are always interested in hearing your ideas for Chapter meetings and programs. There is still time to put your team(s) together for the Florida West Coast Chapter’s Annual Golf Tournament! This year’s tournament is Saturday, May 7 at Bayou Club in Largo. The tournament will begin with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. Lunch and awards will follow play. Contact the Chapter office regarding registration; deadline is Wednesday, May 4. The FSPA was a sponsor of the Future Builders of America Florida Leadership Summit held at the FFALeadership Training Center in Haines City, April 21-23. Thank you to Rick Howard, Ricks Pool Service, for representing the FSPA and teaching a class on the various career opportunities within the pool industry. Manasota Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 Thank you, Dallas Thiesen, for teaching our Chapter members a CE class on public pool sizing on April 14. Our members are thankful for getting CE credits before the August 2022 deadline for license holders! On March 30, the Chapter hosted a Beers and Cheers event at Big Top in Sarasota. It was a great way to get to know our fellow industry professionals in a super fun and relaxed environment. Thank you to all those who attended! HornerXpress presents our Annual Golf Tournament on May 28 at Legacy Golf Course with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start! A huge thank you

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 33 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS The Manasota Chapter's Beers and Cheers was a great time to network and have fun! the following companies that are helping us give back to education and safety around water. Title Sponsor: HornerXpress; Bloody Mary Sponsor: Red Rhino Leak Detection; Beverage Cart Sponsor: Gorman; Scorecard Sponsor: Ben Brown Ins.; Cool Off Towel Sponsor: Lo-Chlor; Longest Drive Sponsor: NPT; and Hole Sponsors: Insurance by Ken Brown, IPSSA, LedgeLounger, NewDawnElectric, Pebble Tec, Pentair, Performance Link, Premix Marbletite, SCP, SGM, Signet Pools, Solar Solutions, and Ten Jams. There is still time to become a sponsor and register to play! Please emai l Sonja@ The nex t Chap t e r Boa r d meet ing, which al l members a r e encou r aged t o a t t end , wi l l be Tuesday, May 10 at 11:45 a.m. at the FSPA T.E.C Center. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Board of Directors is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Manasota Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings.

34 Florida Pool Prosm • May 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS North Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 Thank you, Erik Szabo, Shutts & Bowen, LLP, for teaching our Chapter members the importance and fundamentals of construction contracts. It is always a pleasure to learn from you! Wow! What a fun day we had April 2 at our Sporting Clay Shoot presented by SCP! It was a small but mighty group at Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm. First place went to the team of: Ken Moyer, Brenntag; Kerry Tait, Insurance by Ken Brown; and Colin Fisher-Jones, Caliber Pool Inspections. Congrats! Thank you SCP Gainesville and Ocala for being our title sponsor; Paragon Pools of Lake City, Pentair, and FWP for being our lunch sponsors; Insurance by Ken Brown for being the ammo sponsor; Basecrete for being our goody bag sponsor; National Pool Route Sales for being the scorecard sponsor; and Bell Concrete, Century, Hayward, Helme Electric, IPSSA, Ledge New FSPA members WELCOME! Chem-Right Pool Service LLC Apopka / CPC1459553 Florida Swim School, LLC Boca Raton Green & Clean Pools, LLC Fort Myers / CPC1459527 Jag City Pools LLC Jacksonville Master Pool and Home Cleaning Inc. Boca Raton / RP252555441 Paradise Pools & Spa Fellsmere / CPC1459251 Pool Care of Tampa Bay Inc. Brooksville / CPC1458394

May 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 35 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Lounger, Lo-Chlor, National Pool Partners, Padgett Pool Plastering, Performance Link, and Watson C & D for being station sponsors! With your help we are making education and safety around water important in our Chapter! The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m. via zoom (meeting ID is 874 8274 6736; password is 012345). Your 2022 Board of Directors is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA North Central Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. The North Central Florida Chapter held their annual Sporting Clay Shoot on April 2. Thank you to Eric Szabo for teaching a CE course for the North Central Florida Chapter. Northeast Florida Chapter Coordinator: Debi Garner (941) 952-9293 Welcome to our newest members: Jag City Pools and Cabana Springs Pool Cleaning. You have joined a great Chapter and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meetings and events! The Board of Directors had a “stuff the bag” night for the golf tournament!