March 2023

A publication of the Florida Swimming Pool Association March 2023 2022 Person of the Year Ben Evans 2023 FSPA Hall of Fame Inductees Rob Sanger Rick Myers

2 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Florida Pool Prosm © 2023 Florida Swimming Pool Association. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. 2555 Porter Lake Drive, Ste. 106 Sarasota, FL 34240 (941) 952-9293 / (800) 548-6774 Fax: (941) 366-7433 Association Mission: Advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry Executive Director Elizabeth McMurray Sr. Dir. of Marketing & Communications Charis Tyson Senior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen Office Manager Valerie Swika Finance & Accounting Manager Janine DeHerrera Events & Programs Manager Jessica Johnson Workforce Education Manager Brittany Cagle PR & Digital Media Specialist Alyssa Holcomb Membership Services Specialist Kelly Sauro President Don Ball The Pool Works of Florida, Inc., Largo Vice President Deidre Bedford West Coast Pools, Bradenton Treasurer Ben Evans American Pools and Spas, Inc., Orlando Secretary Roy Waldhauer Waldhauer & Son, Inc., Bunnell At-Large Director Jonathan Mosher Signet Pools, Sarasota Past President Mickey Sigmon Pool Pro, Inc., Fort Pierce Published monthly by the Florida Swimming Pool Association CONTENTS Ready for spring President's Column S *** You Should Know Happy spring, FSPA family! Executive Director's Column A real life worst case scenario Commercial Article Sometimes appearance is everything Builder Article Four benefits to quickly reporting workers' compensation claims Insurance Update FSPAAward Winners Chapter News Calendar 4 4 6 9 12 15 19 25 36 All FSPA members are welcome to attend state Board of Directors meetings. If you would like more information or to RSVP, visit or call 800-548-6774. June 9-10 Board of Directors Meeting Don CeSar St. Pete Beach

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 3 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Call 954-491-9810 to order. Questions? Call Rick Myers at 954-650-6320 today. Our enzyme and algae- ghting chemicals superbly maintain water so chlorine can do its real job – disinfect. Lo-Chlor products reduce dependence on chlorine. Use less chlorine and spend less time on maintenance with Lo-Chlor® REDUCE CHLORINE DEMAND FOR GOOD! Kills and prevents algae for three months LO-PHOS® MAX Ultimate phosphate remover LO-PHOS® E+ MAINTENANCE PLAN Powerful enzymes and phosphate reducer to resist algae growth ULTRA ZYME PRO® Maximum enzyme treatment TH-2029 2_23 Lo-Chlor Is Available At Your Local HornerXpress® LO CHLOR® IS FULLY STOCKED & SHIPPING FAST 90 DAY ALGICIDE

4 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA PRESIDENT FSPA President Don Ball Ready for spring Once you have your certificate of completion for the course, you will need to apply with the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services to take the Master Qualifier Exam. Once you have passed the Master Qualifier Exam you will be certified as an LP Gas Master Qualifier and will be able to apply for the LP Gas License for your business with you listed as the company's Master Qualifier. Visit for more info and download exam and licensing applications. If you have any questions please contact FSPA Senior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen at 941-952-9293 or at Dallas@ S *** You Should Know Q: I just completed the LP Gas Master Qualifier Certification Course, what do I do now to get certified as an LP Gas Master Qualifier and get my LP Gas License? Spring is my favorite time to be in this industry. No matter what part you play in the swimming pool industry, there is an exciting buzz that begins in March. The swimming season is just around the corner, and we are all ramping up for some hard work and long hours. I wish for a very successful year for all of us. That being said, I hope you were able to take some time and rejuvenate at the Everything Under the Sunsm Expo last month. What a fantastic show we had! A A: special thanks to all of the exhibitors and vendors who helped make this the best show ever. Thank you to each and every one of you who attended. A huge thanks to the FSPA staff for masterfully orchestrating the event. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers and educational instructors who

made the show so successful. We are looking forward to focusing and gaining momentum this year on our goal of growing our membership. Our membership committee will be hard at work this year, and Co-Chairs Tim Converse and Nicki Pressley-Rice will lead the membership committee toward reaching that goal. We look forward to growth within every chapter this year. I am excited to welcome and get to know some new members! Our Florida Legislative session gets underway this month. Sr. Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen will be hard at work tracking legislation that pertains to our industry. He will be working along side our very talented consultants at Converge. As usual there are hundreds of bills filed. I am happy we have this superb team working so hard on our behalf. Stay on the lookout for legislative updates coming very soon. I wanted to share a personal perspective. I was thinking the other day after a conversation with a colleague. Three years ago, none of us could have imagined what was about to occur. Not personally, as a nation, as a state or as an industry. As an industry, all I can say is WOW! Never have we seen such growth. Never before have we experienced such hardship and difficulty as a result of growth. I am excited to see what is next for our industry. I am excited to be involved and take on the next challenge with you! With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I can't help but have a good thought for one of our association's greatest leaders, Brian Kelly. And finally, here is a chuckle. One day a boy asked his father what is the difference between “confident” and “confidential? The boy’s father replied, “That’s easy. I am confident that you are my son. Your friend Jimmy next door is also my son. That’s confidential…”

6 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Happy spring, FSPA family! Elizabeth McMurray FSPA Executive Director It’s crazy to think that we are already three months into 2023. Our Everything Under the Sunsm Expo is behind us and it was an incredible success! We grew the show this year, with even more exhibitors, attendees, educational courses and fun afterhours events. For all of you who showed up and showed out for our Mardi Gras themed week long party, thank you for being a part of our biggest annual event and helping us to pursue our mission of advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry - What might be heard at Mount Rushmore about Salt Water Pools... I keep the pH in the correct range. I add conditioner as needed, honestly. I check the salt level and only use AQUASALT. I clean the cell every 2 to 3 months of use. 7.5 x 4.75 Florida Pool Pro together, we are accomplishing more! I tend to think of spring in the context of new beginnings, and this year is no exception. I’m excited to share that our Board of Directors has assembled a Strategic Planning Task Force, and now that the trade show is behind us,

we will be focusing on building a new five year strategic plan for the Florida Swimming Pool Association. I see this as our opportunity to bring new focus and implementation to goals previously not met and also new ideas and concepts to enhance our performance and strategy. I can’t wait to see what comes out of these efforts! Surelyone thingwewill focuson in2023andbeyond is theworkof our Florida SwimsFoundation. If youhaven’t take theopportunity tosupport ourFoundation in the past, there is one simple way to do that moving forward, with continuity – and that is to go to our website ( and purchase a Florida Swims license plate. Your commitment supports funding for providing swimming lessons to underserved children in your community. Expanding on your support of our Florida Swims Foundation programs, we are extremely pleased to share that we are continuing our strategic partnership with Every Child a Swimmer in 2023! Every Child a Swimmer will help our Florida Swims Foundation operationalize our efforts to provide swim lessons to kids and they are matching funds raised dollar for dollar! That means your donations and contributions have double the impact. Now is a perfect time to sign up for a license plate that reflects your commitment to our industry and the mission of saving lives through education around water safety. Enjoy the beautiful weather this time of year provides us and live your best life! We can’t wait to see you at different local and state FSPA events as the year continues and you invest in our industry. Wishing you all the best in the meantime, Elizabeth McMurray

8 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FLORIDA POOL PERMITS Permits provided by HBW / County Name January 2022 January 2023 Alachua County 20 13 Bay County 27 28 Brevard County 133 82 Broward County 61 102 Calhoun County 0 1 Charlotte County 183 118 Citrus County 45 39 Clay County 24 12 Collier County 229 269 Dade County 188 97 Duval County 106 41 Escambia County 45 23 Flagler County 58 32 Franklin County 2 7 Gadsden County 2 1 Gulf County 2 0 Hernando County 32 33 Highlands County 8 10 Hillsborough County 218 99 Holmes County 0 1 Indian River County 44 38 Jackson County 2 1 Jefferson County 0 0 Lake County 92 64 Lee County 502 158 Leon County 14 14 Liberty County 0 0 Manatee County 356 113 Marion County 37 30 Martin County 42 28 Nassau County 24 21 Okaloosa County 25 19 Orange County 213 116 Osceola County 110 74 Palm Beach County 327 165 Pasco County 139 84 Pinellas County 49 59 Polk County 101 119 Putnam County 2 7 Santa Rosa County 46 35 Sarasota County 283 106 Seminole County 8 6 St Johns County 156 102 St Lucie County 116 62 Sumter County 37 64 Volusia County 98 39 Wakulla County 2 4 Walton County 78 70 Washington County 0 0 TOTALS 4286 2606 County Name January 2022 January 2023

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 9 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION My company was recently called to consult for a pool by a referral partner and competitor. The issue was the motor had thrown a bearing and was now screaming loud. They do not have a license for repairs, we do. Typically you think, "Great! We have a motor swap and a quick thousand dollars. In, out, invoice and roll." We walked into the pump room to start our visual inspections. The first thing we see is a platform built over the collector tank. There is a pressure DE filter sitting on top of the platform. There is, what looks to be, a new electrical whip run to a motor also on top of the handyman-built wooden platform. The collector tank is visibly crumbling. Looking through a hole in the wall of the collector tank, I notice it is dry. Other things we notice are old peristaltic pump plates hanging on the wall. The DE separator tanks are nowhere to be found. There are no secondary entrapment devices in this pump room. Someone has converted this pool to a direct suction main drain and direct suction perimeter overflow (cleaners call them scum gutters). This is copied and pasted from Title 33 Chapter 514: 514.0315 Required safety features for public swimming pools and spas. (2) A public swimming pool or spa built before January 1, 1993, with a single main drain other than an unblockable drain must be equipped with at least one of the following features that complies with any American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American National Standards Institute, American Society for Testing and Materials, or other applicable consumer product safety standard for such system or device and protects against evisceration and body-and-limb suction entrapment: (a)A A real life worst case scenario By Michael Cooper, Cooper Pools, Inc. /

10 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS safety vacuum release system that ceases operation of the pump, reverses the circulation flow, or otherwise provides a vacuum release at a suction outlet when a blockage is detected and that has been tested by an independent third party and found to conform to American Society of Mechanical Engineers/American National Standards Institute standard A112.19.17, American Society for Testing and Materials standard F2387, or any successor standard.(b)A suction-limiting vent system with a tamper-resistant atmospheric opening.(c)A gravity drainage system that uses a collector tank.(d)An automatic pump shut-off system.(e)A device or system that disables the drain. The code also states (3) The determination and selection of a feature under subsection (2) for a public swimming pool or spa constructed before January 1, 1993, is at the sole discretion of the owner or operator of the public swimming pool or spa. A licensed contractor described in s. 489.105(3)(j), (k), or (l) must install the feature. The code literally says it is the discretion of the owner or operator to choose the device. This means you have a say since you have a Public Pool Service Technician certificate. Being the last professionals at the pool, we immediately flip the breaker shutting off the motor. We put locks on the pool gates with signs saying pool closed. We then called our referral partner, their property manager, and the Board president. Then we called the Department of Health. The DOH apologized for not catching this at the last inspection. They do require the association to bring it back to its permitted operation before they can reopen to swimming. That means liquid chlorine and acid feeders. And a perimeter overflows feeding into a gravity drainage system that uses a collector tank (The pit) along with new main drain covers and a system of their choice specified In Title 33, 514.0315. This was a terrifying lesson for a Public Pool Service Technician to learn the hard way. What is even worse is when a technician who is an employee and not the business owner is the one personally liable for knowing this. The technician handbooks have this information in them, probably in the information on water circulation and also on safety. Anyone who has their own Public Pool Service Technician certificate should already know this. Dust off that book and reread some chapters now and again. If you are an owner using your contractor’s license exemption, your direct

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS employee who does not have their own certification, is your responsibility and you must train them. They are your liability. Our company sends everyone to acquire their own certificate. Please take the time to open the code book at your meetings. You do not want a preventable accident at the facility you are operating. The last thing I can say for those who do not like us flipping a breaker or leaving a bike lock in place; the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the last professional on property. We were not contracted to do a dollars worth of work at this initial walk through. It turned into a profitable remodel and repair, but more importantly we stopped a possible nightmare. We protected another company from a potentially fatal accident. We did what was right, not what was easy. We protected ourselves when we took photos for our records and reported this. You should also. Precision Control & BECS Controller Line • Reliable, 30 Year Track Record • All Items in Stock for Immediate Shipment • In-Field Service & Repair by Factory Techs • Leaders in Remote Control & Communication • ORP & Direct Reading PPM • Control Systems at Every Price Level Commercial Energy Specialists Excellence inWater Quality Control Since 1983 FL/Carribean Master Distributor/Service Center 800-940-1557

12 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 One thing is certain; every jobsite inherently generates a mess during the construction process. This is true for simple household projects, and it holds true all the way through huge, commercial construction projects. Some of the inherent mess is unavoidable simply due to the conditions of the unfinished project. Another portion of the mess can be controlled. This includes materials, tools, and equipment left on the job. It includes construction trash such as discarded and scrap materials, packaging, and all types of general construction debris. It also includes personal trash such as drink bottles, food wrappers, clothing, and cigarette butts. As builders, we often become calloused to the trash and debris on jobsites. We see jobsites in all phases of construction. After all, we are directly responsible for making the mess in the first place, and we know that the mess will be cleaned up prior to the job completion. We tend to focus on the job or task at hand. We understand what stage the project is at, know what is coming next, and have a vision and expectation for the final project. Our customers do not necessarily see the same process when they observe jobsites. Customers do not automatically know the difference between materials staged to be used, versus discarded or leftover materials that will ultimately be removed from the jobsite. Customers cannot always readily tell the difference between boxes or packages of materials that have been delivered to the jobsite versus packaging from used materials that has been discarded. One thing that is obvious to everyone is any personal trash that is laying around the jobsite. And when personal trash is strewn about, it can often make other general construction debris appear that much messier. I think we can all agree that a tidy jobsite during construction is simply more attractive than a messy jobsite. Our customers may not consciously be aware of how much of the jobsite mess could be avoided with some basic consideration by the working crews. As contractors, we might not even realize the subconscious impact that a tidy jobsite has on our homeowners. There is one significant difference between pool contractors and many other By Brent Handy, Paragon Pools / Sometimes appearance is everything DIGGING UP IDEAS

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 13 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION Paid Advertisement GET PAID ON YOUR TERMS! • Viking Capital works with multiple lenders and offers multiple loan programs. Our contractor partners also receive: • Complimentary co-branded application page and flyers. • Discounted rates for veterans and military families. • Loan$tatus Portal: Get real-time updates on your clients' financing application! More about Viking Capital: Viking Capital was established in 1999 with the mission to enable our builder partners to offer optimal financing options to their customers without the hassle and cost of dealing with the process and challenges that go along with it. Our team is committed to ensuring every customer has a great experience and gets the best loan available for their needs and qualifications. We appreciate your referral business! Sign up today! Cash direct to customer Flexible stage funding 904Ͳ686Ͳ1702

14 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 DIGGING UP IDEAS forms of contracting…our customers live at our jobsites. Many of our customers have children who they have to keep away from our jobsites. Many have pets that may have access to our jobsites while we are not there working. Whether our customers realize it or not, they will absolutely appreciate a tidy jobsite. This article is intended to provoke some thought about the appearance of our jobsites from a homeowners’ point of view. Make it a firm company rule that absolutely no personal trash is left on the jobsite at the end of any workday. Put trash bags in each company truck. Create a habit on the working crew that all personal trash is placed in the trash bag every day. At the end of the day, look around the jobsite and pick up any personal trash that could be remaining. Make sure to take the trash bag offsite, or contain the trash bag. Nothing is worse than arriving onsite to find that pets or random animals have gotten into the trash bag and made a mess! Cigarette butts are a particular pet peeve for anyone who does not smoke. It is typical for smokers to discard their cigarette butts on the ground. This is especially common and often accepted practice on jobsites. But if our customers do not smoke, discarded butts in our customers yard may be a point of frustration that is totally preventable. For general construction debris, pay attention to how and where it is left onsite. If there is a trash container onsite, put a bit of thought into where it is placed on the jobsite. Try to place it where the customer will not see the trash container from their normal viewpoint. Encourage the crews to place construction debris in the container daily. If there is no container provided, make a trash pile. Encourage the crews to keep the trash pile as tidy as possible. The same logic applies to materials left onsite. Try to keep the piles tidy. Cover the materials whenever possible. And to the extent possible, try to keep the piles inconspicuously located on the jobsite. Tools and equipment left onsite should be neatly staged also. One final note: Our customers are taking more pictures of our jobsites than we realize. The quality and ease of cell phone progress pictures makes it very easy for our customers. And many jobsite pictures are posted to semi-private social media accounts. Many pictures are shared directly between friends and family. And often, our jobsites are being compared with other active jobsites. With a small effort, contractors who care can put their jobsites in the best light possible.

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 15 SENSAFE ITSSENSAFE SENSAFE_ITS • • 800-861-9712 USING ALTERNATIVE POOL SANITIZERS? SALT LOW CHLORINE COPPER BORATE OZONE TEST WITH THE BEST! SIN0721_½ ad.indd 1 6/18/21 4:12 PM INSURANCE UPDATE By David Griffiths, Insurance by Ken Brown / Four benefits to quickly reporting workers' compensation claims Promptly reporting worker injuries protects the employee and the employer in multiple ways. Every business is required to report injuries, illnesses, and deaths which happen in the workplace to their respective Florida workers’ compensation carrier. Failing to do so in Florida within seven days of being notified can result in significant penalties. Workplace injuries are a reality that every business faces - especially those in higher-risk industries such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation. Workplace accidents happen, regardless of the industry, so it is important to understand the benefits of efficient reporting of workers’ comp claims. The amount of time it takes to report claims can have a real impact on employees’ and a small businesses’ bottom line.

16 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 INSURANCE UPDATE Please do not take on the responsibility of deciding whether an injury is a valid and reportable workers’ compensation claim. It’s tough to report every little stretch or strain and you have the right to take those seven days to be sure it is a valid injury. But at the seven days, if there is even a small chance the injury still lingers, please report it. Whether you believe it is a valid injury or even if you believe it is a fraudulent case… report it and have a good discussion with the claim adjuster. Whatever you do, please do not play judge or jury. The investigation and determination is for the insurance company to perform. By having a timely injury-reporting process, business owners, and their workers, can benefit in several ways including: 1. Maintaining employee trust and morale. Fewer than one in four U.S. employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their well-being - the lowest percentage in nearly a decade, as reported by Gallup in 2022. Gallup also shared that workers who strongly agree that their employer cares about their overall well-being are 69% less likely to actively search for a new job and are three times more likely to be engaged at work. Companies that don’t take workers’ comp claims seriously or are late to file claims may notice employee morale start to sink as delayed reporting can send a message to workers that there is little concern for their safety. Especially in today’s turbulent talent market, prioritizing employee health and care by quickly reporting workers’ comp claims can help contribute to an environment where workers feel protected and valued. 2. Allowing for an in-depth accident investigation. In an effort to preserve key pieces of evidence and mitigate fraud, it is imperative that an insurance carrier starts an investigation as soon as possible after a workplace accident occurs. Unfortunately, fraud does happen. Workers’ comp contributes to the estimated $30 billion in fraudulent insurance claims that are filed every single year in the U.S. With early claims reporting, small business owners can ensure accidents are thoroughly investigated, and employees who truly need workers’ compensation benefits will receive them. 3. Reducing workers’ compensation claimcosts. Early reporting can also reduce the overall workers’ comp claim cost. If an employee is genuinely injured, allowing them to continue to work without the proper medical treatment can result in the injury getting worse or another injury occurring as

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 17 INSURANCE UPDATE a result of the first one. This could create additional expenses and staffing challenges for a small business owner. By reporting in a timely manner, an injured employee can get the care and benefits they need and get back to work as quickly as possible. 4. Avoiding penalties and fees for late filing. Every business is required to report injuries, illnesses, and deaths that happen in the workplace to their respective Florida workers’ compensation carrier. Failing to do so in Florida within seven days of being notified can result in significant penalties and in some cases, thousands of dollars in fees. Under reporting and improper reporting of workers’ comp claims to an insurance carrier is also a significant problem. In 2015, OSHA estimated that approximately half of serious work-related injuries and fatalities were not reported, and also estimated that many of those responsible for underreporting were small and mid-sized businesses which likely didn’t understand their reporting requirements. All business owners need to understand the laws and put an injury-reporting process in place prior to any workplace accidents. This will not only help keep the company within the claims reporting window and avoid fines but will also help reduce the under-reporting gap. Whether it is the benefit of employee retention and boosted morale, or reducing costs, promptly reporting workers’ comp claims is imperative to the long-term success of a business. Business owners should take note of the processes required by their insurance carrier before injuries occur, so they are educated on how to quickly proceed in the case of a workplace accident.

18 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Event Sponsors Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Everything Under the Sunsm Expo. The success of this event is vital to the advancement of the pool industry in Florida and you are all part of that success. We hope you “Let the good times roll” while you were there! Thank you to Proline for sponsoring the Florida Swims Foundation booth!

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 19 This award is bestowed upon an individual who has exemplified leadership, commitment and service to their local FSPA Chapter. Each Chapter may select one of their members for this recognition. These members were honored on Thursday, February 23 during the Welcome & Awards Reception for dedication and loyalty to their Chapter. Please thank these volunteers for their hard work on behalf of the swimming pool industry in Florida. 2022 Chapter Directors of the Year Jay Cunningham - Central FL Brent Handy - North Central FL Tim Converse - FL West Coast Dennis Brooks - East Central FL Tommy Diaz - Space Coast Chapter Todd Starner - Manasota Nicki Pressley-Rice - Charlotte Harbor Chapter William Diefenbach - FL Gulf Coast Terry Nicholas - Broward Chapter Ryan Roby - Tampa Bay CHapter Large Fleet Small Fleet Master Touch Pools POOLfection Tops in Trucks

20 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 Philanthropist of the Year Southern Grouts and Mortars Advocacy Award Greg Bowers Pinch-A-Penny #30 Rising Leader Award Tommy Diaz 365 Pool Service Workforce Development Champion Alex Fletcher AquaWorx Distinguished Service Award Dino Muggeo Dino’s Pool Service & Repair Community Service Award Ericka Villegas Jason Draime, Inc. Tampa Bay Chapter’s Service Professional of the Year Richard Roberts Pool Troopers Young Professional Award Jonathan Mosher Signet Pool Behind-the-Scenes Award Don Ball The Pool Works Partner of the Year Team Horner Trade Member of the Year Mermaid Lagoons Supplier Member of the Year AquaCal AutoPilot Industry Recognition

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 21 Each year, the FSPA Chapter presidents select a “Person of the Year” for the Florida Swimming Pool Association. It is based on the individual effort and effectiveness of the individual in providing the FSPA with leadership, commitment and service. Ben Evans, president and wwner of American Pools and Spas, has been selected as the 2022 FSPA Person of the Year. In 2022, Ben was the Board of Directors Treasurer and an Executive Committee member. Ben has served on the FSPA Central Florida Chapter Board since 2015. In 2019, he was Chapter President. He was welcomed onto the State Executive Committee in 2020 and has served since. Ben joined the Commercial Council in 2019 and continues his involvement today. In 2021, Ben became engaged as a Florida Swims Foundation Trustee. In 2022, he became the Florida Swims Foundation President. The same year, his company, American Pools and Spas, singularly donated $40,000 to the Florida Swims Foundation to be used to provide swim lessons to underserved children across our state! Ben also joined the Pool Industry Council Board of Directors in 2022. His leadership and exemplary service continues to drive the Florida Swimming Pool Association’s mission forward in advancing our pool industry in the state of Florida! Thank you, Ben Evans, for your passion and commitment to our association and industry! 2022 Person of the Year Ben Evans Rob Sanger has been in the swimming pool industry since the late 1970s and is owner and president of Galaxy Pools, which has been in business since the 1980s. Rob has been a volunteer with the FSPA for more than 20 years at the Manasota Chapter level. In 2008 he became a FSPA State Board member. Rob joined the FSPA State Executive Committee in 2010 and served through 2017 holding positions including the FSPA State Board President and Past President. He has also served as the Manasota Chapter President. Rob has served on the following councils and committees for the FSPA: Service Council, Builders Council, Commercial Council, PIPAC Committee, the Building Code Task Force andmore. Rob is a CILB Certified continuing education instructor for the FSPA and has taught countless industry members. Rob also represents the FSPA on the Florida Public Pool Coalition. Rob was voted Person of the Year in 2014. There is no doubt that he is fully committed to the advancement of our industry, its members and the entirety of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. Thank you, Rob Sanger, for your passion and drive for our success. Rick Myers has been employed in the swimming pool industry since 1982 and currently is the National Sales Manager of Lo-Chlor, a division of Team Horner. Rick Myers joined the Florida Swimming Pool Association Broward Chapter Board of Directors in 2001 and has been an example of a dedicated volunteer since that time. His natural ability to lead his peers has put him in every Chapter Board position including at-large director, secretary, treasurer, vice president, and impressively has served five terms as the Broward Chapter President. Rick has also been on the FSPA State Board of Directors for 16 years and has been instrumental in bringing in new members and supporting new Board members. He has previously served on the FSPA Commercial Council, Service Council, Safety Council, Energy Council and more. He also believes strongly in education and recently became an instructor for the FSPA FPPS (Florida Public Pool Specialist) 16-hour course. Rick is clearly devoted to the Florida Swimming Pool Association, continues to act as a mentor to other members, and is focused on the advancement of the swimming pool industry as a whole. Thank you, Rick Myers, for all your years of volunteerism and your loyalty to our association. Rob Sanger Rick Myers The FSPA Hall of Fame is presented to industry professionals who have demonstrated their dedication to the organization over a period of 10 years or more. During their tenure, inductees provide exemplary service, go above and beyond the call of duty and serve as role models for future leaders. This year, we are excited to announce that we have two inductees: Rick Myers and Rob Sanger! 2023 Hall of Fame

22 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 17 2023 Best in Show Lucas Lagoons Winners of the 2023 Design Awards were announced and recognized at the Welcome and Awards Reception February 23 at the Everything Under the Sunsm Expo. Congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments! Gold Award - AquaTech Pools GC Bronze Award - AquaTech Pools GC Gold Award - PoolWerx Beaches Gold Award - CM Custom Pool Designs Gold Award - Lucas Lagoons Silver Award - Lucas Lagoons Residential Swimming Pool 250 - 500 sq ft 2023 Design Awards Residential Fiberglass Swimming Pool Residential Pool Restoration Residential Spa DESIGN AWARDS

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 23 Gold Award - Nautilus Pools Silver Award - East Coast Pools and Spas Residential Vanishing Edge Bronze Award - Ike's Carter Pool Companies Salt Life Award - Best Pools of Brevard "Salt Life" Award Ike's Carter Pool Companies Technical Achievement Gold Award - Lucas Lagoons Bronze Award - Lucas Lagoons Residential Water Feature Silver Award -Lucas Lagoons DESIGN AWARDS

24 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 DESIGN AWARDS Gold Award - Ike's Carter Pool Companies Gold Award - Lucas Lagoons Residential Swimming Pool 501+ sq ft Gold Award - Almar Jackson Pools, Inc. Gold Award - Lucas Lagoons Silver Award - Ike's Carter Pool Companies Silver Award - Lucas Lagoons Bronze Award - Indigo Pool Patio BBQ Bronze Award - Ike's Carter Pool Companies Silver Award - Trusted Pool and Spa LLC Silver Award - Lucas Lagoons DESIGN AWARDS

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 25 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Broward Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 Save the date for Wednesday, March 15 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. for a Chapter meeting at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center. We are working on finalizing details for this special night. The state Executive Committee will be presenting Dr. Bill Kent with an award. Please plan on attending to celebrate with us! The event begins at 5:30 p.m. to welcome Chapter members and enjoy food and networking. From 6:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. is a tour of the facility. From 7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. the Executive Committee will honor Dr. Kent and the program will finish with an update from Every Child a Swimmer. If you want to sponsor a meeting, spots will go fast so please contact Diane for more details. As always, we ask that the program be educational in format and that you help members learn more about your business and ways to support one another. We are also looking to gain support through Annual 800.641.9247 Granite Emerald Black Blue Opal Imperial White Harbor Gray Lucayan Blue Sapphire Bay Serene Seas Aqua Reef French Blue Tropical Blue Cool Seas Tahoe Mist Midnight Moon Blue Granite there’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. a great pool finish is DURABLE, SOFT TO THE TOUCH, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment. RIVER ROK finishes provide that and more. NEW_FSPA_River_Rok_2020_half_page.indd 1 12/16/2020 11:01:13 AM

26 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS people, please let Diane know. All Chapter Meetings are from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. and we do our best to host these meetings on the third Wednesday of the month if possible. If there’s any change in that format, we will note it below. Currently, our meetings are held at Tropical Acres, 2500 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale. Wearefinalizingthisyear’scalendar.Pleasesavethedates.Thankyou!March15 the state Executive Committee is presenting Dr. Bill Kent with an award. Please plan on attending to celebrate with us at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center. April 19 is a Chapter meeting. May 17 is a Drowning Prevention Presentation by the Broward Health Department hosted at AquaChamps Swim Schoo l as pa r t o f National Water Safety Month. June 21, July 19, August 16, and September 20 will all be Chapter meetings. October 18 or 26 will be a Harvest Tabletop. November 15 there will not be a meeting. December 1 i s the Thank you so much to Don Ceserone III and the new 2023 Broward Chapter Board for kicking off a great first meeting of the year in January. Sponsors. The support helps us to run the Chapter and donate heavily to important programs like swim lessons, the PIPAC fund, the FSPA scholarship fund and much more. Thank you for your interest! Please help us in looking for other venues as alternatives for places to meet for the Chapter. If you know a venue where they have a private room and space for 20-40

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 27 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Annual Casino Night. Please like our Facebook page and our Instagram at @FSPABrowardChapter We appreciate your continued support! Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 The Chapter would like to welcome Pinch a Penny #168, The Pool Crew, and White Sands Pool Plastering as our newest Chapter members. We are excited to have you as a part of our Chapter! The Everything Under the Sunsm Expo has come and gone! The FSPA staff hit it off again! The Mardi Gras theme was a perfect fit for that time of the year. Thank you to all who attended and made it a memorable show! Here are a couple of our members who received awards: 2023 Person of the Year: Ben Evans, American Pools and Spas; and Chapter Director of the Year: Jay Cunningham, Picture Perfect Pools. The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, is Tuesday, March 7 at noon at HornerXpress Longwood, 975 Florida Central Parkway. We look forward to seeing you all there. The 2023 Chapter Board of Directors are working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPACentral Florida Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. Charlotte Harbor Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 The Everything Under the Sunsm Expo took place last month and it was a success! From education classes to awards, everyone had a wonderful time! Thank you FSPA state office for putting on another memorable show! Here are a few of our members receiving awards: Chapter Director of the Year: Nicki Pressley-Rice, WEK; and Design Awards went to Indigo Pool Patio

28 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS BBQ and Nautilus Pools. Congratulations! On March 28 we will host our first CE class of the year. It will be My Service Truck: Is it Safe? instructed by Ken Moyer, Brenntag (CILB course #0609204, meets workplace safety requirement, 1 hour, Florida Pool & Spa Association d/b/a Florida Swimming Pool Association CILB Providership #0000917). It will take place at Luigi’s Pizzeria at 6:00 p.m. April 18 at Pioneers Pizza at 6:00 p.m. join Dallas Theisen, FSPASr. Director of Government Affairs, to talk to us about code specific issues happening in Charlotte County. Watch your inbox to RSVP. Mark your calendar! Better Pools and Spas presents the Chapter’sAnnual Golf Tournament at Heron Creek Country Club on May 6. If you are interested in participating or being a sponsor, please e-mail Sonja. The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, is at 5:00 p.m.on March 28 at Luigi’s Pizzeria, 3883 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. The 2023 Chapter Board of Directors are working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Charlotte Harbor Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. East Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 East Central Florida Chapter members Mermaid Lagoons and Cypress Creek Outdoors teamed up on a project. Members using members! Join the Chapter on Tuesday, March 8 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. for a behind-the-scenes tour of CM Custom Pools, 1133 US-1, Ormond Beach. For those who attended a few years back, this is their new showroom featuring hot tubs and more. Come and see what is new with one of our Chapter's past presidents. Members pay $25 and

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 29 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS future members pay $30. We will cater the meeting; please BYOB. Feel free to invite future members. Reminder, the meeting won’t be at Houligan’s this month. Save the date for the Annual Golf Tournament on April 11. Thank you to Event Chairman Kerry Tait, Insurance by Ken Brown, who will be the lead for the tournament. Please look at your email for sign-up and sponsorship opportunities. Check in is at noon and a shotgun start at 1:00 p.m. at Halifax Plantation, 3400 Clubhouse Drive, Ormond Beach. We love to see members working together in the field! Tile work was done by Holly Waldhauer, Mermaid Lagoons, working with fellow FSPAmember, Denise and Dennis Brooks, Cypress Creek Outdoors (photo on page 21). That’s what FSPA benefits look like; referrals! Find fellow members at www. Thank you so much to everyone for filling our annual calendar! All meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Houligans, 1725 W International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, unless otherwise stated. Dinner cost is on you at these meetings. Future members – the Chapter would like to buy your first dinner with us to get to know everyone. Guests are welcome to attend two meetings prior to joining. Your Board has decided to go with a hybrid approach to this year's meetings and events. If you want to sponsor or volunteer for 2023, please let Di know! We appreciate your continued support! Here is the 2023 calendar. March 8 is a behind-the-scenes tour at CM Custom Pools in Ormond Beach. April 11 there will not be a meeting due to the Golf Tournament at the end of the month. Friday, April 21 at noon is the Golf Tournament at Halifax Plantation, 3400 Clubhouse Drive, Ormond Beach. May 9 is a WaterSafe update for National Water Safety Month. June 13 is a presentation by Pentair. July 11 there will not be a meeting! August 8 is a Tabletop & Auction at Hilton Palm Coast. September 12 Kerry Tate, Insurance by Ken Brown, will teach a CE course on safety and consumer awareness. October 10 is a behind-the-scenes tour of Aqua Comfort hosted by Gorman Company. November 14 is sponsored by Jack’s Magic. December 8 (subject to change) is a Holiday Party / Casino Night. Please likeour Facebook and our Instagram @FSPAEastCentralChapter.

30 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Coordinator: Kelly Sauro (941) 952-9293 Congratulations to the FSPAFlorida Gulf Coast Chapter Director of the Year William Diefenbach. Thank you for your continued support of the Chapter. We would like to welcome two new members to the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter: Tenacity Pools and Summit Pools, Inc. The next Chapter meeting is March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Famous Dave’s in Ft. Myers. We will have a presentation from Casey McGovern with Every Child a Swimmer. This organization donates swimming lessons to children to help them learn to swim and teach water safety knowledge. This is most important in the state of Florida where there is water everywhere. Casey lost her 3-year-old daughter Edna Mae to a drowning accident in the family’s backyard swimming pool. She is passionate about making children safe swimmers. Every Child A Swimmer is important to our industry, community and FSPA. Please be on the lookout for the upcoming email reminder and we hope to see you there. Here is the most up-to-date calendar of events for the Chapter. March 8 and April 12 there will be Chapter meetings at 6:30 p.m. at Famous Dave’s, Ft. Myers. In May there will be a Top Golf Event! June 14 at 6:30 p.m. is Chapter Meeting at Famous Dave’s, Ft. Myers. In July you can expect an Axe Throwing Event and in August a Fishing Tournament. September 13, October 11 and November 8 will be Chapter meetings at 6:30 p.m. at Famous Dave’s, Ft. Myers. In December there will be a Casino Night/Holiday Party. Florida West Coast Chapter Coordinator: Malinda Howard (727) 638-6072 The Chapter Board met Tuesday, February 7 at Queen’s Pizza in Clearwater. Thank you to Don Ball and The Pool Works of Florida for sponsoring the lunch. The next Chapter Board of Directors meeting will be held at noon Tuesday, March 7 at Queen’s Pizza, 1834 N. Belcher Road, Clearwater. Casey McGovern with Every Child a Swimmer will be our special guest. The Chapter

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 31 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Board of Directors meetings are usually scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month. All Chapter members are welcome to attend. We are always interested in hearing your ideas for Chapter meetings and programs. April 4 and May 2 are the next couple Board meeting dates. The annual EverythingUnder theSunsm Expowas held February 24 – 25 at the OrangeCountyConventionCenter.Congratulationstoallof theFSPAmemberswho receivedawardsat theWelcomeandAwardsReceptiononThursday,February23, especially TimConverse who received the Chapter Director of the Year award and recognition as the 2022 Chapter President, Alex Fletcher who received the “Workforce Development Champion” award, and Don Ball who received the “Behind the Scenes” award. Thank you to all of the Chapter members who volunteered their time at the Expo, and to everyone who attended. It’s time to start putting your team together for the Florida West Coast Chapter’s Annual Golf Tournament! This year’s tournament will be held Saturday, May 13, at Lansbrook Golf Club in Palm Harbor. The tournament will begin with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. Lunch and awards will follow play. Contact the Chapter office regarding sponsorships or registration. Mark your calendars for a few big events throughout the year. July 4 is the Annual Night at the Ballpark at BayCare Ballpark in Clearwater, and October 17 is the Annual Pool Industry Tabletop Event at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. Manasota Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 The Chapter would like to thank the FSPA staff for another wonderful show! Here are a few of our members receiving awards: 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee Rob Sanger, Galaxy Pools; Young Professional Award: Jonathan Mosher, Signet Pools; Chapter Director of the Year: Todd Starner, Starner Brothers Pools; and Design Awards went to AquaTech Pools GC, Trusted Pool & Spa, and Lucas Lagoons. Great job! The Chapter would like to welcome Reef Pools as our newest Chapter member. We are excited to have you as a part of the Chapter! Be sure to sign up for our free CPR class for FSPA Manasota

32 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2023 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Chap t e r membe r s . I t w i l l be he l d Ma r ch 21 a t 7 : 00 p .m. at the FSPA T.E.C. Center. We are only able to offer this class to the first 25 RSVPs with a maximum of two attendees per member company. Save the date! OnApril 11 we will have a CE class at the FSPAT.E.C. Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution (CILB course #0007785, 2 hour, meets business practices, Florida Pool & Spa Association d/b/a Florida Swimming Pool Association CILB providership #0000917). Then be ready for the master arbitrator class scheduled for May! Mark your calendar! PoolCorp presents our annual golf tournament on April 29 at Legacy Golf Club. If you are interested in participating or being a sponsor, please contact Sonja. The nex t Chap t er Board mee t i ng , wh i ch a l l member s are encou r aged t o a t t end , i s Tuesday, Ma r ch 21 a t 6 : 00 p .m. at the FSPA T.E.C. Center, 2555 Porter Lake Dr., Ste. 104, Sarasota. Please register to stay after for the CPR class. Your 2023 Chapter Board is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPAManasota Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. North Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 Thank you FSPA state office for another successful show! With hints of Mardi Gras throughout, the Everything Under the Sunsm Expo was fabulous. All who attended enjoyed themselves. Here are a couple of our members who received awards. Chapter Director of the Year: Brent Handy, Paragon Pools; and Distinguished ServiceAward: Dino Muggeo, Dino’s Pool Service. Congrats! The Chapter would like to welcome Crystal Clear Pools of Lakeland as our newest Chapter member. We are excited to have you as a part of the Chapter! Register today! On March 25, SCP presents the Chapter’s 2nd Annual

March 2023 • Florida Pool Prosm 33 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS New FSPA members WELCOME! Tenacity Pools LaBelle/CPC1458613 30 Day Pools Largo/CPC1459718 Little Dipper Pools LLC Palm Bay Pinch A Penny #168 Orlando/CPC1458881 Crystal Clear Pools of Lakeland LLC High Springs/CPC1458954 RJS Design Consultants LLC Wilton Manors Cleanmypool, LLC Tampa/CPC1459833 Premier Pools and Spas Jacksonville/CPC1459957 RG Pool Consulting Hampstead, MD Heartland Commercial Pool Service Inc. Lakeland/CPC1458868 Summit Pools Inc. Naples/CPC1459107 Kismet Pool & Patio Lake Worth/CPC1459000 LB Rowe, Inc. West Palm Beach/CPC1460085 Aquatic Treasures Pools and Paradises Inc. St. Petersburg/CPC1459071 Concrete Commander Jacksonville Equity Pools of Florida Jacksonville/CPC1459741 SummerSpace Auburn, ME The Pool Crew Kissimmee Midcal International, LLC St. Petersburg White Sands Pool Plastering Inc. Sanford/CPC044954 Paradise Pools Repair Inc. Stuart/CPC1459883 Sporting Clay Shoot at Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm. Please join us at 10:30 a.m. for a shotgun start. Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping us raise funds benefiting education and safety around water: SCP, HornerXpress, Paragon Pools, Hayward, Lo-Chlor, National Pool Route Sales, Insurance by Ken Brown, Ledge Lounger, Helme Electric, and Watson C & D. Sponsorship opportunities are available and registration is open! Contact Sonja for more information. Save the date for April 19 at 6:00 p.m. and join us at Blue Gill Quality Foods