March 2022

6 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2022 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FSPA's strategic initiatives Elizabeth McMurray FSPA Executive Director By the time you read this article, we will all have returned home from our 50th Anniversary Everything Under the Sunsm Expo! The beginning of the year leading up to the show has been a hectic and exciting time for our team. I can’t wait to hear from all of you about your experiences and where you found value and how you feel we might improve. Now that we have the show under our belt, we get to refocus on all the other strategic initiatives our organization has for 2022. An important part of meeting those priorities is ensuring we have the right team in place. As you know, we have been working hard to find new and impactful teammembers. But we should also recognize those who have stuck with us through a year of change and whose efforts really shown through. I’d like to highlight one of those folks now. Dallas Thiesen has been promoted to Senior Director of Government Affairs. Dallas is an integral part of our team here at FSPAand has accomplished some wonderful things for us, not just recently, but since his time with FSPA started about three years ago. Among those accomplishments are the following: • Improving our relationship with DBPR and aligning our teams to allow for industry focus and messaging that impacts our members in a positive way and helps reduce unlicensed industry activity. • Establishing our Florida Swims license plate as a priority for FSPA and the Foundation and getting it included in bill language this legislative session. • Continuing to press forward on our subcontractor bill and having success moving it through the committee process towards an official floor vote this session in both houses. • Establishing our Building Code Task force and creation of a streamlined process with the task force and Board of Directors to create alignment on FSPA’s official position and asks for changes to the Code. • Guiding FSPA through the rule making process with the Florida Department of Agriculture, which allowed for the creation and use of the FSPA/Hayward