March 2022

16 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2022 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION My company has been renovating commercial and/or public swimming pools for quite a few years now. We have seen many changes in requirements from local governing departments. Just a few examples are a barrier fence passes a county inspection and shortly thereafter did not pass a health department requirement. We have found that the county building department may not require an up-to-code cross brace ladder and the local health department does. In the past we would courteously sometimes notify county health departments, have a contract with a homeowners association or a management company and proceed with our work, of course up to latest codes. In recent years, probably the last three to five years, public swimming pool renovations have been required to be permitted, and local health departments notified to exactly what we are doing with a pool or spa. That’s ok with me, I believe with all the potential liability which comes with putting your license and reputation on the line, any and all powers that be should be in this together. What I don’t understand is that permitting oversight is not enforced properly from county to county in the state of Florida. Why can’t the state of Florida be unified with building departments and health officials so all licensed pool professionals know exactly the correct procedure for a professional renovation, and have the knowledge that other professionals are also doing the same? Our company has worked with the FSPA with questions on different interpretations of codes from county to county and been highly successful in doing so. Confusing commercial pool renovation requirements By Robert Miller, Palm City Pool and Spa /