March 2022

March 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 15 INSURANCE UPDATE It’s uncertain if Florida lawmakers will now act on attorney fees in the legislative session that begins Jan. 11. Some legislators have said the capital will be preoccupied with election redistricting and perhaps further adjustments to property insurance reforms. Claimants’ lawyers have their own ideas on ways to limit litigation costs. One idea is to remove the section of the comp statute that requires comp judges to review legal fees. State law does not require judicial oversight on fees in most other types of litigation, Bichler said. Ending the requirement in comp would save a significant amount of document filing and attorneys’ time, on both sides of the fence, he said. Another idea suggested would be for insurance carriers to concede claimants’ attorney fees early on, before fees end up in dispute and protracted litigation. Claimants’ firms could also buck the recent trend toward larger contingency fees. While some firms now demand 25% of the total, lifetime award, Leavy urged his fellow lawyers to avoid the appearance of greed and stick closer to the statutory guidelines, which reduce the amount of fees on those benefits that accrue after 10 years. For now, however, there are no imminent solutions to this problem. 800.641.9247 Spray Deck System combined with unique pattern templates can permanently imprint newly placed concrete with authentic textures to match architectural features or blend into the landscape. The finish can last the lifetime of the concrete and is durable, sanitary and easy to maintain. Required over Southcrete Spray Deck (two-parts: powder and resin) and over One-Step Spray Deck. Kahlua Creme Desert Sand Egg Shell Sea Shell Nickel White Silver Ivory Gun Metal Almond Terracotta Clear Sample colors are as accurate as modern printing can produce. Verify appearance with a test area before installation. Please request a Spray Deck color chart to make a color selection. Actual shade and texture will depend on jobsite conditions, mixing ratio, individual batches and installation methods. Use constitutes acceptance.