March 2022

12 Florida Pool Prosm • March 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS customer are unhappy with the experience at the end of the job, then maybe this would be a good time to reflect on your core business model. Some of the best advice that I received early in my career was to clearly define exactly what very specific segment of the industry I wanted to specialize in, and to prioritize work in that area. Customers have more access than ever before to ideas, opinions, pictures, and products they think they want to have installed. Gone are the days of our sales staff presenting ideas to homeowners. Our role as builders is now to take the homeowners concept and to mold that into a project that both parties can agree on. For some builders, true custom projects are their business model. For custom builders, the projects often evolve during construction. With the lead times on products, this means that timelines can be hard to predict. This in turn adds a degree of difficulty to scheduling future work. For other builders, schedule is the more important priority. For this business model, everything revolves around starting pools at the designated schedule. But, of course you also have to finish the pools you start. For this model in today's environment, design changes during the construction process can add a significant degree of difficulty and frustration to completion of the project. So, what is your niche? Have you clearly defined your business model? Do you have a system for deciding which projects to bid on, and which projects would fall outside your preferred business model? Find your niche Continued from page 8