March 2022

March 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 DIGGING UP IDEAS Precision Control & BECS Controller Line • Reliable, 30 Year Track Record • All Items in Stock for Immediate Shipment • In-Field Service & Repair by Factory Techs • Leaders in Remote Control & Communication • ORP & Direct Reading PPM • Control Systems at Every Price Level Commercial Energy Specialists Excellence inWater Quality Control Since 1983 FL/Carribean Master Distributor/Service Center 800-940-1557 we have jobs for the foreseeable future. For some, that comfort level may have been four to six months booked out, for others that comfort level may have been a year or two booked out. But, times are changing! For those of us who intentionally sign a backlog of jobs to begin at a future date, how can we be sure that we can fulfill the agreements that we are signing? Stop for a minute and think about the next job that your company will be starting. How has the industry changed in the short time since the job was signed? If the past couple of years is any indication of what the future looks like, does this reflection impact your direction moving forward? When the job was negotiated with the homeowner, what expectations were given? Both in terms of pricing and scheduling? Can you still comfortably build the agreed upon job for the price and schedule expectation set during the sales process? If the answer is yes, both my company and my customer are happy at the completion of the job, then you are winning! If the answer is no, and either you or your