June 2022

A publication of the Florida Swimming Pool Association www.FloridaPoolPro.biz June 2022 Tops in Trucks Awards Fleet Vehicles Tricked Out Service Truck Cypress Creek Outdoor American Pools & Spas Winners were recognized at the Awards & Welcome Reception March 3 at the Everything Under the Sunsm Expo.

2 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Florida Pool Prosm © 2022 Florida Swimming Pool Association. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. 2555 Porter Lake Drive, Ste. 106 Sarasota, FL 34240 (941) 952-9293 / (866) 930-FSPA Fax: (941) 366-7433 www.FloridaPoolPro.com Association Mission: Advancing Florida’s swimming pool industry Executive Director Elizabeth McMurray Sr. Dir. of Communications & Marketing Charis Tyson Senior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen Accounting Manager Cheryl Cotten Events & Programs Manager Jessica Johnson Office Manager Valerie Swika Workforce Education Manager Brittany Cagle PR & Digital Media Specialist Alyssa Holcomb Membership Services Specialist Kelly Sauro President Mickey Sigmon Pool Pro, Inc., Fort Pierce Vice-President Don Ball The Pool Works of Florida, Inc., Largo Treasurer Ben Evans American Pools and Spas, Inc., Orlando Secretary Deidre Bedford West Coast Pools, Bradenton At-Large Director Roy Waldhauer Waldhauer & Son, Inc., Bunnell Past President Maurice Bushroe Blue Ribbon Pools, Daytona Beach Published monthly by the Florida Swimming Pool Association CONTENTS Education is HOT this summer President's Column Summer is here! Executive Director's Column S *** You Should Know SB222 pool subcontractor exemption signed by Gov. DeSantis 2022 Future Builders of America Leadership Summit The Department of Health, friend or foe? Commercial Article Thoughtful analysis yields best results Are you hiring teenagers for summer work? Insurance Article Chapter News Calendar 4 5 4 7 8 10 11 12 15 24 All FSPA members are welcome to attend state Board of Directors meetings. If you would like more information or to RSVP, visit industry.floridapoolpro.com or call 800-548-6774. June 10-11 Board of Directors Meeting Westin Tampa Waterside Tampa

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 3 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS TH-1658 5_22 Scan QR Code for Branch Locations Lo-Chlor Is Available At Your Local HornerXpress® hornerxpress.com/locations Our enzyme and algae- ghting chemicals superbly maintain water so chlorine can do its real job – disinfect. Lo-Chlor products reduce dependence on chlorine. Use less chlorine and spend less time on maintenance with Lo-Chlor® • Pools will be clear, clean and safe • Chlorine demand will fall • Available in all trade sizes • Save time, save money Use Lo-Chlor’s 90-Day Algicide and Lo-Phos® E+ GET STARTED: Use a regimen of algaecide and powerful phosphate remover with enzymes. LO CHLOR® IS FULLY STOCKED & SHIPPING FAST Call 954-491-9810 to order. Questions? Call Rick Myers at 954-650-6320 today. REDUCE CHLORINE DEMAND FOR GOOD!

4 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA PRESIDENT FSPA President Mickey Sigmon president@FloridaPoolPro.com Education is HOT this summer! School’s out for summer, but the Florida Swimming Pool Association’s focus on learning is anything but relaxed. Our education division works year-round to create, evaluate, and enhance industry-specific learning opportunities. Check out what’s heating up in FSPA’s education division this summer. Everything Under the Sunsm Expo Course Feedback –Your opinionmatters! Courseevaluations from this year’s continuing education classes have Become eligible to service public pools /spas Certification is valid for five years. Find information and registration at www.FSPACourses.com Approved by the state of FL Dept. of Health as a 16-hour Florida public pool service technician certification course. Learn operation principles, basic calculations, safety, water illnesses, water chemistry, sanitation, specialty chemicals, special problems, water testing, circulation and filtration systems, spa pools and hot water chemistry. FSPA Members: $300 Non Members: $400 Learn current standards for Florida public pools/spas June 24-25 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. FSPA TEC Center, Sarasota been processed and evaluated for glows and grows. Each instructor received a copy of his or her participants’ insights for reflection on teaching practice. Thank you for taking the time to fill out these forms. The feedback is essential for meeting the needs of all learners. Continuing Education Credits – All CE credits earned at this year’s Expo have been submitted to the State of Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation. You can check the status of your continuing

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 5 FSPA PRESIDENT education by clicking the “check CE credits” link on our website. Go to www. FSPACourses.com, scroll to the middle of the page and on the right side you will find the link. Everything Under the Sunsm Expo 2023 Call for Courses – The official call for 2023 CE course submissions is now live! The FSPAseeks hot CE topics to engage learners in our dynamic industry. Application guidelines have been updated, and the process has been streamlined. See www.UnderTheSunExpo. com for more details. Applications will be accepted through July 15. F S PA E d u c a t i o n C omm i t t e e M e e t i n g s – O u r f i r s t f a l l educa t i on commi t t ee mee t i ng t ook p l ace on May 20 . Topics discussed included the apprenticeship grant, chapter CE support, college certification courses, and curriculum build out. Was your chapter’s voice heard? Our goal is to meet the needs of our members, and we need your feedback to make that possible. Get involved and get educated! Florida Public Pool Specialist Course Opportunity – The FSPA is turning up the heat on our first learning opportunity of the summer – the Florida Public Pool Specialistsm course on Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25 with instructor Jeff Clarkson. Look for posters and counter cards at your favorite distributors. Information is also available on our website www.FSPACourses.com. Team FSPA’s education division is bringing the HEAT in 2022! Thank you to Brittany Cagle, Workforce Education Program Manager; Rick Howard, Education Chairman & FBA Instructor; and Elizabeth McMurray, Executive Director, for your efforts in making education a priority in our organization. Moving forward, our team plans to engage state colleges in implementation of training programs for potential pool professionals. This is exciting work for the future of our industry. Stay tuned for updates! Learning and growth go hand in hand. Let’s get better together.

6 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR A: According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration there are several easy steps that you can take to prevent heat and sun related illness or injury on the jobsite: 1. Provide water stations for hydration. 2. Provide shaded rest areas for breaks. 3. Make sure regular breaks are taken for hydration. 4. Ensure proper sunscreen use. For more information on preventing heat related illnesses on the jobsite visit: www.osha.gov/heat If you have any questions please contact FSPASenior Director of Government Affairs, Dallas Thiesen, at 941-952-9293 or at Dallas@FloridaPoolPro.com. S *** You Should Know Q: With the summer heat settling in how can I protect myself and my employees from heat exhaustion and overexposure? Summer is here! Elizabeth McMurray FSPA Executive Director Elizabeth@FloridaPoolPro.com It is officially summer and June also marks the beginning of hurricane season in Florida. This is a great opportunity as an industry professional to engage with your customers on how to prep their pool should a hurricane be forecasted for their community. Great tips include: 1.Don’t drain your pool. 2.Don’t throw poolside furniture into your pool – instead, gently submerge them for safe storage during a storm if they can’t be moved indoors. 3.Shock the pool in advance of a potential long-term power outage, as you may lose pump circulation for an extended period of time. 4. Turn off power at your circuit breakers before the storm hits.

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 7 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Your Florida Swimming Pool Association website is also a great resource for your customers; we have a webpage dedicated to Hurricane Safety! It can be found at www.floridapoolpro.com/hurricane-pool-safety. The month of June also includes our second FSPA Board meeting of the year. We will be at the Westin Tampa Waterside June 10-11. Friday is our committee meetings day, and Saturday is our actual Board of Directors meeting. ALL members are welcome to attend both days. I encourage you to consider attending, and getting engaged in our state level activities including the various committees that handle guiding important business decisions for our association. There is also, of course, a fun Friday evening event being held as well. Find out more details and please RSVP to attend on our website at www.FSPAboard.com. Have you ever heard about FSPA’s FPPS course, and wondered what it is? FPPS stands for Florida Public Pool Specialist. Our course is the only course approved by the Florida Department of Health which specifically pertains to the Florida Code. Taking this course earns you the Florida Public Pool Service Technician Certificate required to clean public pools. Our very own Jeff Clarkson is holding our next FPPS offering June 24-25! If you are interested in learning more about this course, please contact our Workforce Education Program Manager, Brittany Cagle, by calling our office or emailing her at Brittany@FloridaPoolPro.com. One last fun note, we are gearing up for our 2022 Sail Away Cruise! Our Events and Programs Manager, Jessica Johnson, has been hard at work creating a fun and exciting industry-focused event plan for this year’s cruise. Please consider joining us October 24-29 on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas vessel. Ports of call include Labadee, Haiti and CocoCay, Bahamas (and I’ve heard a rumor a special group of members are going to help us get a behind-the-scenes tour of the water park in CocoCay). It is a beautiful opportunity for a vacation in the sun with the best group of folks there is – our industry members!

8 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FLORIDA POOL PERMITS Permits provided by HBW / www.hbweekly.com County Name April 2021 April 2022 Alachua County 20 10 Bay County 18 37 Brevard County 89 98 Broward County 74 125 Charlotte County 138 93 Citrus County 12 35 Clay County 26 16 Collier County 259 241 Dade County 200 158 Duval County 72 44 Escambia County 30 0 Flagler County 43 42 Franklin County 7 2 Gadsden County 3 0 Gulf County 3 0 Hernando County 32 36 Highlands County 8 16 Hillsborough County 42 182 Holmes County 2 1 Indian River County 55 42 Jackson County 4 1 Jefferson County 0 4 Lake County 83 41 Lee County 398 303 Leon County 28 13 Liberty County 0 0 Manatee County 160 178 Marion County 35 36 Martin County 40 41 Nassau County 29 34 Okaloosa County 39 42 Orange County 243 115 Osceola County 12 58 Palm Beach County 230 192 Pasco County 146 80 Pinellas County 81 79 Polk County 106 117 Putnam County 3 2 Santa Rosa County 49 46 Sarasota County 165 283 Seminole County 14 4 St Johns County 135 114 St Lucie County 55 80 Sumter County 59 48 Volusia County 83 67 Wakulla County 3 5 Walton County 24 57 Washington County 4 0 TOTALS 3361 3218 County Name April 2021 April 2022

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 9 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE What might be heard at Mount Rushmore about Salt Water Pools... I keep the pH in the correct range. I add conditioner as needed, honestly. I check the salt level and only use AQUASALT. I clean the cell every 2 to 3 months of use. 7.5 x 4.75 Florida Pool Pro During the 2022 Florida Legislative Session, FSPA members and the FSPA Government Relations team fought hard to pass Senate Bill 222 by Sen. Joe Gruters (companion bill: House Bill 267 by Rep. Lawrence McClure). SB 222 was passed by the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate on March 7, 2022 and on May 6, SB 222 was signed in to law by Governor Ron DeSantis and will become effective on July 1, 2022. Under SB 222, Florida CPC and RP swimming pool and spa contractors will now have the option to hire any swimming pool and spa subcontractor regardless of the subcontractor’s state or local licensing status for any commercial or residential swimming pool and spa construction project. This new swimming pool subcontractor exemption created by SB 222 is similar to the so called “Jim Walters exemption” which has allowed Florida General Contractors to hire unlicensed subcontractors on residential projects for over SB222 pool subcontractor exemption signed by Gov. DeSantis By Dallas Thiesen, FSPA Senior Director of Government Affairs / Dallas@FloridaPoolPro.com

10 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE a decade. Previously all workers on swimming pool and spa job sites in Florida either had to be a W2 employee of the swimming pool and spa contractor or a separately licensed subcontractor. The licensing requirements for swimming pool subcontractors lead to a severe shortage of subcontracting labor in the Florida swimming pool and spa industry; currently there is only one licensed subcontractor for every 11 CPC/RP swimming pool and spa contractors in the state. SB 222’s purpose was to help alleviate this disparity and give all Florida swimming pool and spa contractors the ability to hire the best subcontracting labor available and to better serve their customers. SB 222 does not eliminate the Specialty Swimming Pool and Spa Subcontracting licenses or allow swimming subcontractors to work directly with consumers; all nonlicensed swimming pool and spa subcontractors must be working under the supervision of a fully licensed CPC or RP swimming pool and spa contractor. The signing of SB 222 by Gov. DeSantis is a big win for FSPA and the Florida swimming pool and spa industry! The exemption granted by SB 222 will give swimming pool and spa contractors access to more subcontracting labor and create many more jobs in the industry. SB 222 is also the first 800.641.9247 www.sgm.cc Granite Emerald Black Blue Opal Imperial White Harbor Gray Lucayan Blue Sapphire Bay Serene Seas Aqua Reef French Blue Tropical Blue Cool Seas Tahoe Mist Midnight Moon Blue Granite there’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. a great pool finish is DURABLE, SOFT TO THE TOUCH, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment. RIVER ROK finishes provide that and more. NEW_FSPA_River_Rok_2020_half_page.indd 1 12/16/2020 11:01:13 AM

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE major amendment to Section 489 of Florida Statues in nearly 30 years and was passed through the Florida State Legislature without any amendments or “NAY” votes during the process. The passage and signing of SB 222 is the result of a lot of hard work that needs to be recognized. The FSPA Board of Directors and members who supported and advocated for SB 222 and have worked on this issue for years, thank you! FSPABoard members Mike Canto, TonyArredondo, T.J. Wood, Ryan Roby, and Deidre Bedford traveled to Tallahassee to testify in support of this bill. Thank you! Bill sponsors Senator Joe Gruters (R-Sarasota) and Representative Lawrence McClure (R-Plant City) made this issue a top priority and made sure it moved early and fast through the legislative process. Thank you! FSPA’s lobbying firm, Converge Public Strategies, tirelessly worked this issue from every angle and helped FSPA set the stage for victory this year. Thank you! I f you have any quest ions or concerns about SB 222 or any government affairs issues please email Dallas@FloridaPoolPro.com. MADE IN THE USA w w w . p u r i t y p o o l . c o m FAMILIAR FAVORITES FULL SELECTION OF LEAF RAKES STAIN REMOVERS & TILE SCRUBBERS New! PELICAN FEATHERWEIGHT TRASH COLLECTOR SPA SCOOP Red Baron ULTRA-LITE GATOR Pro-Lite Fast & Easy Replacement Parts! Choose From:

12 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 EDUCATION UPDATE Again this year, the FSPA was a sponsor of the Future Builders of America Leadership Summit held April 21-24 at the FFA Conference Center in Haines City, Florida. The FSPA was a Silver Sponsor, and several of the individual FSPAChapters also sponsored the event. The Future Builders of America has Chapters in high schools across the state that focus on the various trades. FBA is part of the Home Builders Institute, a nationwide organization. This is a great organization and something that the FSPA needs to continue to support. There were 14 trades represented at the Leadership Summit, including the swimming pool industry. All of the different trades are concerned about their future workforce. The Summit is a great opportunity to talk to young people about the swimming pool industry. More than 80 students from 13 different schools from across the state participated in this event. The students were divided into teams of six to eight students, along with two adult leaders. Some of the students were there for the first time. Others have attended the Summit multiple times, including the year we installed the new filtration system. Some of the adult leaders were alumni who had been through the Summit as high schoolers. For the swimming pool class this year I taught pool basics, showing different types of pools, and pointing out what they all have in common: plumbing, pumps and filters. I was able to talk about pool safety and drain covers. We talked about energy efficiency, including solar. 2022 Future Builders of America Leadership Summit By Education Committee Chair Rick Howard, Rick's Pool Service / flapoolguy1@yahoo.com

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 13 EDUCATION UPDATE I built a static display of a pump and filter with valves and PVC pipe. The students set the valves for different water flow configurations so that they could understand how the water flows through the system. We also went into basic water chemistry. We utilized the pool there at the camp, having the students test the water, net and brush the pool. We also looked at the pool equipment that we installed at the camp during the Summit in 2019. The students were able to observe what they learned in the classroom working there at the pool. The adult leaders who had pools of their own had lots of questions and were also engaged in learning. I taught the class 12 times over the course of three days. It was very rewarding to spend time educating today’s youth on the swimming pool industry. They are our future!

14 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION Any public pool service technician has had, at least one time during their career, the dreaded pucker up moment when coming up to a pool and seeing the pool is closed by the Department of Health (DOH). The initial thought is that they are crazy because we all have perfect pools and they must just be nitpicking because they don’t like you; immediately condemning the inspector as a sworn enemy. For the rest of the day you find yourself venting about it to everyone you meet, co-workers, your company owner and even the guy at the local supply house. The fact of the matter is, we public pool service technicians are overseen by the DOH, they are the sheriff of safety and we are their deputies. We are the boots on the ground tasked to keep our customers safe and following The Department of Health, friend or foe? By Michael Cooper, Cooper Pools / cooperpoolsinc@yahoo.com ARE YOU NEW TO THE POOL INDUSTRY? Learn the “basics of the basics” and become an… • Self-paced, Online Education • Short, Interactive Modules • Topics include Circulation, Filtration, Hydraulics, and more… Use code FSPA22 to access the first 3 modules for FREE Scan code to become an MPP TH-1683 5_22

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 15 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION F.A.C. Chapter 64E-9 regulations. Too often we get busy, or a member of our team gets complacent in their duties. Then we have the occasional customer who will not respond or approve a needed repair or required equipment. In the end, the pool runs the risk of being closed by the DOH. Rather than being on the failing end of that inspection, become more proactive. Building a rapport with your inspectors can work in your favor. Begin reaching out to the inspectors after inspections with quick detailed responses and photos to show the corrections are completed in a timely manner. Create a checklist based on the actual inspection report, inspect your teams pools every couple of months and hold your team accountable on your findings long before actual inspections. When it comes to the non-compliant customer, you have two options, one is to exercise your power of being a public pool service technician and close the pool yourself due to safety-related items that you have documented and sent in for approval, or second, use your relationship with inspectors to close the pool. The financial impact of having the DOH in your good graces can be very rewarding when it comes to repairs or installation of new requirement items. Taking time to know the F.A.C. Chapter 64E-9 rules and regulations will keep you in line with our friends at the Department of Health. Remember, public pool service technicians and the Department of Health are teamed up together for the safety of our clients, their residents and their families. The next time you have a poor inspection, don’t blame the DOH, look closer to home first.

16 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 We are approaching the season where swimming pool contractors become inundated with calls to visit prospective client’s home and to provide a pool design and a cost proposal. On the surface this may seem like a prudent way to begin the process for shopping for a pool and pool contractor in order to insure that you will get the best deal. After all isn’t getting the best deal what we all want? But, just what does “getting the best deal” actually mean? Does it mean getting the lowest price, cheapest product, or fastest completion time? When it comes to a complex intangible product like a swimming pool, I think that the best deal means having expectations met, or better yet, having those expectations exceeded. So if having our expectation met or exceeded means the best deal; how Previously printed in March 2019 - By Jeff Clarkson, Vak Pak / jclarkson@vakpak.com Thoughtful analysis yields best results DIGGING UP IDEAS i partners o o l s www.FloridaPoolPro.biz Come thrive with us, support your industry and business by joining or renewing! www.JoinFSPA.com

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 17 DIGGING UP IDEAS does one go about shopping for just the right “complex intangible” like a swimming pool? Most clients have little experience or have put little thought into what it means to shop for what is defined as a “complex intangible” product. For example when asked what they would compare shopping for a pool to, most clients answered, "shopping for a car," a tangible product. The prospective client can actual see, touch, and test drive the product before they buy; and at some point if the client feels that they have made a mistake they can remedy the mistake by simply trading the car in or selling it. Whereas a swimming pool in the beginning stages is nothing more than conceptual idea put on paper, along with pictures of what those ideas may look like and a written description of what is to be handcrafted in the backyard of their home. Therefore, it’s critical to be the professional that is willing to spend time listening, asking the right questions and willing to go through a complete process that results in a clear understanding of the clients vision. The swimming pool consultant or contractor representative should embark on an extensive process with a client on all newly proposed projects before they can be ready to submit an appropriate proposal for work. The process defines who will use the newly created space and what activities the clients will perform there. The requirements may be as down to earth as swimming pool size, shape and patio area or as complex as creating an amazing outdoor living area. In either case a design professional will follow a carefully charted sequence of activities to determine the needs of the client and how those needs are best served. T h e g e n e r a l categories of activities i nvo l ved s tar t wi th discovery questions, site evaluation, design

18 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS functional ity, material use, and equipment needs in relation to operational requirements. The process will take some time and should be designed to learn exactly what the client’s expectations are and how to exceed them. This way the contractor or company representat ive can responsibly provide a proposal that not only meets their needs but is right for the client’s home. Anything less might be considered “sales malpractice”. The proposal is a small percentage of the job but has a huge impact on the results of the end product. When it comes to working with prospective clients; choose your clients wisely. Know your ideal client and know your limitations as far as time, talent and resources. Take the time to go through the process with the client so you have a clear understanding of what is expected. The end result should be getting the best deal for you and your client; which is having expectations met and possibly exceeded. Remember they can’t trade it in, and they will be looking at your work for as long as they live in the home. Precision Control & BECS Controller Line • Reliable, 30 Year Track Record • All Items in Stock for Immediate Shipment • In-Field Service & Repair by Factory Techs • Leaders in Remote Control & Communication • ORP & Direct Reading PPM • Control Systems at Every Price Level Commercial Energy Specialists Excellence inWater Quality Control Since 1983 FL/Carribean Master Distributor/Service Center www.CESWaterQuality.com 800-940-1557

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 19 INSURANCE UPDATE By David Griffiths, Insurance by Ken Brown / dgriffiths@insbykenbrown.com Are you hiring teenagers for summer work? It’s that time of year. Many young people are out looking for full and part-time summer jobs. So, what considerations do you have as a business owner? Young workers can be an asset to your workforce; however, young workers have unique and substantial risks for work-related injuries and illnesses due to a variety of factors. On-the-job injuries to young workers may be significant and costly. There are also several laws and procedures to consider when hiring a minor, as follows: Posting Requirements Employers who hire minors must display a poster in a conspicuous place on the property or place of employment notifying them of the Child Labor Law. Child labor posters may be obtained through this website below or by calling Child Labor Compliance at 1-800-226-2536. Free Child Labor Laws Poster www.laborposters.org/florida/97-florida-child-labor-laws-poster.htm Documentation Requirements Employers are required to keep waiver authorizations, proof of age documentation, and proof of exemption from minor status for all employees who are under 18. These records must be maintained for the duration of the minor’s employment. Unless exempt from the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), the records must be kept until the minor turns 19. Parental Permission to Hire Employers are not required by law to have permission from the parents to employ their minor child. However, we strongly encourage employers to include parents in the process.

20 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 INSURANCE UPDATE Work Permits "Work Permits" and/or "Working Papers" are not required in Florida and are not issued by either the schools or any governmental agency in Florida. Please see Waivers. Hour Limitations Minors are limited in the hours they may work to permit them to attend and complete their educational responsibilities. Go here for more information: www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/reg/childlabor/documents/ ChildLaborBrochureEnglish.pdf Breaks Minors may work no more than four consecutive hours without a 30-minute uninterrupted break. Exemptions Minors are exempt from the hour limitations of the Child Labor Law if they have been married, graduated from an accredited high school or hold a high school equivalency diploma, served in the military, have been authorized by a court order, or been issued a partial waiver by the public school or the Child Labor Program. Safety Eachyearminors suffer injuries in theworkplace.OSHAhas recommendations and guidelines regarding this area. You can view these at: www.osha.gov/ youngworkers/index.html Also, please visit the following website for additional training tips for minor workers: www.cdc.gov/niosh/talkingsafety/states/fl/2015-124/default.html. Waivers The Florida Child Labor Law is designed to serve and protect minors and to encourage them to remain in school. At times, however, some minors feel that the law conflicts with their best interest or that their life circumstances are such that they need to work. Minors have the right to request that the Child Labor Office exempt them from parts of the Child Labor Law. For detailed

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 21 AMERISURE Make sure you have the right pool partner. As the only endorsed property and casualty insurance provider of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, Insurance by Ken Brown (IBKB) has been protecting pool contractors for over 40 years. With this vast experience comes expertise, resulting in a higher level of service and coverage, including specialized protection against pool popping. Through our partnership with Amerisure, you can always count on loss protection programs and claims service that set the standard in the industry. So go with a partner you can trust. Give us a call today. Call (800) 940-1543 or email us at info@ibkb.net

22 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 INSURANCE UPDATE information on waivers please call 1-850-488-3131. Penalties Employment of minors in violation of Florida child labor laws may result in fines up to $2,500 per offense and/or be guilty of a second-degreemisdemeanor. More Information Employers who have an interest in learning more about Florida’s child labor law may request training by contacting the Bureau of Child Labor at 1-800226-2536 or 850-488-3131. We support your giving young people the opportunity to learn your business, learn what a work ethic is and have some spending money or money for future education. It’s great for the future of our country. However, we encourage you to take the right steps to protect both you and them! SENSAFE ITSSENSAFE SENSAFE_ITS sensafe.com • its@sensafe.com • 800-861-9712 USING ALTERNATIVE POOL SANITIZERS? SALT LOW CHLORINE COPPER BORATE OZONE TEST WITH THE BEST! SIN0721_½ ad.indd 1 6/18/21 4:12 PM

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 23 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Broward Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 FSPABroward@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPABroward.com The Chapter Meeting in April was hosted by AquaChamps Swim School! Thanks so much to all who came out to tour their beautiful facility and learn more about all the Chapter happenings! We had a great turnout and appreciate those who see the value in attending and networking with your fellowmembers! Misty Knight, Fluidra, was recognized by our volunteer President Rick Myers, Team Horner, for her years of service in supporting the Chapter and our mission. Thank you, Misty! Thanks again to Mary and Dan for hosting a great night! At the Chapter meeting in May, the DBPR presented on their mission, services, professions, Florida Statutes pertaining to the construction industry (F.S. 489), Unlicensed Activity Overview (ULA), ULA tips and answered questions. The program administrator for the DBPR Broward Office was there on Wednesday, May 18 at Tropical Acres in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to all for supporting this important meeting. Your volunteer Board of Directors decided to postpone the Bjarne “IKE” Eikevik, Jr. Fishing Mission Fishing Tournament. More details to come! Also, Broward Chapter President Rick Myers presenting Immediate Past President Misty Knight with an appreciation gavel for her time of volunteer service for the Chapter. if you would like to be part of the committee, please contact Diane. We are so thankful and excited to be able to provide more events, donate more dollars and overall have a very healthy Chapter due to the annual support of members and especially our annual donors. Thank you! Your business can still support! Title Sponsors: HornerXpress, Stone Hardscapes, AquaCal and LoChlor, Fluidra, Pentair, Hayward and SGM. Gold Sponsors: Pool Corp and Raypak. Silver Sponsor: Proline Distributors. June 15 is a Chapter Meeting, July 20 is

24 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Thank you so much f rom the Broward Chapter to Mary and Dan with AquaChamps for hosting the Chapter Meeting in April. We appreciate everyone coming out. a Tabletop and Auction (Co-Chairs: Fernando and Misty), August 17 is a Chapter Meeting, September 21 is a Chapter Meeting, October is a Top Golf event (Chair: Erik), November 16 is a Chapter Meeting, and December is a Holiday Party/ Havana Nights. Pl ease l i ke our Facebook p a g e www. f a c e b o o k . c om / FSPABroward and our Instagram @FSPABrowardChapter. We appreciate your continued support! Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 FSPACentralFlorida@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPACentralFlorida.com The Chapter would like to welcome Next Level Pools and Spas as our newest Chapter members. We have a great year planned for 2022! We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events. RSVP today! Join us June 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Hilton Altamonte Springs for a special CE class with the Orange County Building Department. Those attending will receive one credit hour on building and a one hour combo class on electrical and plumbing. Currently the combo class is not for credit, but depending on approval status, it might be on the day of. This class is free for all to attend and will include lite refreshments and a cash bar. Mark your calendar for August 5. Drive Shack Member Night is back! Watch your inbox for me details about this upcoming event! Premier Pools of Central Florida and HornerXpress are proud to present the 2022 Casino Night and Silent Auction. Please mark your calendar for September 30 for another great night benefiting education and safety around

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 25 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS water! Contact Sonja@FloridaPoolPro.com for sponsorship and silent auction donation opportunities. The next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be Tuesday, June 14 at 5:00 p.m. at the Hilton Altamonte Springs. Immediately following the Board meeting, please stay for the OCBD CE class. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Directors are working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Central Florida Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. Charlotte Harbor Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 FSPACharlotteHarbor@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPACharlotteHarbor.com Thank you Dallas Thiesen, FSPASenior Director of Government Affairs, for teaching our Chapter members and guests on the FBC 2020 pool updates. We all learn so much from you! Thank you! HornerXpress presented the FSPA Charlotte Harbor Chapter Golf Tournament benefiting education and safety around water on May 21 at Heron Creek Golf Course. Thank you to all the companies who helped sponsor. We appreciate your continued support: Title: HornerXpress; Lunch Sponsor: PoolCorp; Beverage Cart: Hayward; Scorecard Sponsor: Gorman; Goodie Bag Sponsor: Blue Square; Cool Off Towel Sponsor: National Pool Route Sales; Longest Drive & Closest to the Pin: Basecrete; and Hole Sponsors: Aqua Leak Detection, Barb’s Pool Service, Brenntag, Century, Gorman, IBKB, IPSSA, Ledge Lounger, LoChlor, National Pool Route Sales, PebbleTec, Pentair, Performance Link, Premix Marbletite, SCP, SGM, and Superior Pools of SW FL. With the funds raised, the Chapter will be able to provide education and safety around water in Charlotte County! Pictures will be shared with you next month. Sign up today! On June 21 at 6:00 p.m. at Celtic Ray in Punta Gorda, Mike Kopke, PebbleTec, will teach Review of FL Start Up Techniques (CILB #0612368, 1 hr., meets GEN, FPSAd/b/a FSPACILB/ECLB/BOLAProvidership

26 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS #0000917). Watch your inbox for more information. Save the date for August 8 for another CE class! At 6:00 p.m. Dallas Thiesen, FSPA Senior Director of Government Affairs, will teach Can I do That? Swimming Pool License Scopes of Work & Limitations (CILB #0613681, 1 hr., meets L&R, FPSA d/b/a FSPA CILB Providership #0000917). Location is to be determined.. Our next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be June 21 at 5:00 p.m. at Celtic Ray. Please stay for the CE class immediately following the Board meeting. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Board is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Charlotte Harbor Chapter to FSPA High School Invitational Swimming & Diving Meet September 23-24 Visit www.FSPASwimMeet.com Support this event and the Florida Swims Foundation by being a sponsor! keep up with upcoming events and meetings. East Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 FSPAEastCentralFlorida@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPAEastCentral.com Tuesday, May 10 at Sunshine Lanes in DeLand, we had our most successful Bowling Tournament to date. Thank you to all who attended; we had more than 80 people there. The travel ing plaque went to Pool Guard and this year’s winner was Sheri Igyarto with a high score of 215. We also appreciate AquaCal for sponsoring again this

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 27 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS TheEastCentralFlorida Chapter congratulates Sheri Igyarto, Pool Guard, for bowling a 215 taking home the traveling plaque. E a s t C e n t r a l Florida Chapter thanks to Mike F i r e s h e e t s , A q u a C a l , f o r s p o n s o r i n g t h e B o w l i n g Tournament again t h i s y e a r ; we appreciate you. East Central Florida Chapter had a huge turnout again this year at the Bowling Tournament and appreciates everyone for their continued support. year. We have all the team photos on our Facebook page so check them out and while you are there, like the page. Thank you also to Coby Moore, CM Custom Pool Designs, for chairing the event. We look forward toseeingeveryoneatHouligan’soffof International Speedway inDaytona for our ChapterMeeting happeningTuesday, June 14 from6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. sponsored by Hayward. We are excited to have Adam and Lane support our Chapter again and look forward to hearing about all the new things Hayward has to offer our members. We a r e c o l l e c t i ng i t ems now for our Annual Auction on Tuesday, July 12 at Houligan’s off of International Speedway in Daytona. For those who are new to our Auction, we ask members, distributors, manufacturers, and anyone want ing to donate, to donate items in and out of the pool industry. About a week before the Chapter meeting we send out items via email and ask that buyers give their high bids to create an ebay style auction to kick off the night of the meeting/fundraiser. So, send your item, value and description to Diane today. Thank you very much to Candice Lucas, Lo-Chlor, for chairing this fundraiser! All meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. located at Houligans, 1725 W International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, unless otherwise stated. Dinner cost is covered with a $20 donation for members and $25 for future

28 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS members. Please be sure to bring a guest! Guests are welcome to attend three meetings prior to joining. Your Board has decided to go with a hybrid approach to this year's meetings and events. If you want to sponsor, volunteer, or want more information, let Di know. More details and dates to come. Save the dates for the rest of the year. June 14 is a Chapter Meeting hosted by Hayward, July 12 is the Silent Auction (Thank you to Candice Lucas for chairing this fundraiser!), August 9 is a Chapter Meeting hosted by Lo-Chlor, September 13 is a Chapter Meeting with Dallas Thiesen teaching a CE course, October is a Golf Tournament (Thank you to Keith Quint and Kerry Tait for chairing this fundraiser!), November 8 is a Chapter Meeting sponsored by Jack’s Magic, and December 13 is a Holiday Party/Casino Night (Thank you to Larry Drumb and Holly Waldhauer for chairing this fundraiser!). Please likeour Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/FSPAEastCentralChapter and our Instagram @FSPAEastCentralChapter. Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 FSPAFloridaGulfCoast@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPAGulfCoast.com Thank you to all who supported our Fishing Tournament. We are so grateful for having an active Chapter! We sold out our Annual Fishing Tournament again this year and had a great time on the water Sunday, May 15! A huge thank you to our Title Sponsors: HornerXpress and Hayward. Also, to our supporting sponsors: Aqua Leak Detection, Aquatic Pool Repair, ClearBlue Ionizer, Commercial Aquatics Resource, Fluidra, and Lo-Chlor. We are back to the second Wednesday of the month and excited to host the next Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, June 8 at Mission BBQ, at 12984 S Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers. Aqua Leak Detection will be sponsoring and giving us some education on how to identify leaks, educate your clients and ways to work with them to ensure a complementary process. Join us from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on June 8. Instead of our usually meeting in July, we are hosting our Annual Member Appreciation Bowling Bash on July 13 sponsored by Callan Group Communications, HornerXpress and Lo-Chlor. This year we are going

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 29 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS The biggest fish in the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Fishing Tournament was 18" and it was caught by amember of theAzure Pool and Deck Design Team. There was a cash prize! The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter had a great day on the water. Thanks to everyone for supporting this event! The first fish caught in the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Fishing Tournament won some cash! The ugl iest f ish in t h e F l o r i d a Gu l f C o a s t C h a p t e r Fishing Tournament was a pufferfish and was awarded to Zac Atkins, National Pool Professionals. to move locations to Headpinz Naples, 8525 Radio Lane. Because of the large turnout last year, we have reserved the private bowling area. We are asking for sponsors for this event to help underwrite the costs associated with it so we can continue to provide this to members for free. Thank you to all who continue to sponsor. Please let us know if your company wants to participate and howmany people to expect. Due to space restraints, we will give first to respond one team per member company and then go back around if we end up with too many. In the private area, we will have food for all, so if employees have to wait to bowl there’s plenty for them to do. This will be held from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. but we ask that everyone arrives at 6:00 p.m. to get organized. Thank you. We are back to the second Wednesday of the month for 2022. Please disregard all previous posts/ mentions of the calendar. This is the updated 2022 calendar. Thank you for your understanding. All monthly meetings are from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Famous Dave’s in Fort Myers unless otherwise stated. Please be sure to bring a guest! Their first dinner is always free to check out our growing Chapter.

June 8 is a Chapter Meeting sponsored by Aqua Leak Detection at Mission BBQ, July 13 is Member Appreciation Bowling Night, August 10 is a Chapter Meeting sponsored by Fluidra, September 14 is a Chapter Meeting sponsored by ClearBlue Ionizer, October is a Tabletop andAnnual Auction, November 9 is a Chapter Meeting with Dallas Thiesen presenting a CE course, and December 14 is the “Not So Silent Night” Holiday Party. Follow us: Facebook.com/FSPAFLGulfCoast and Instagram.com/ FSPAGulfCoast. We appreciate your continued support! Florida West Coast Chapter Coordinator: Malinda Howard (727) 638-6072 FSPAFloridaWestCoast@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPAWestCoast.com The Chapter Board met Tuesday, May 3 at Queen’s Pizza in Clearwater. Thank you to Joel Gray and Jack’s Magic for sponsoring the lunch. The next Chapter Board of Directors meeting will be at noon Tuesday, June 7 at Queen’s Pizza, 1834 N. Belcher Road, Clearwater. Our Board of Directors meetings are usually scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month. All Chapter members are welcome to attend. We are always interested in hearing your ideas for Chapter meetings and programs. The Florida West Coast Chapter held its 2022 Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, May 7 at the Bardmoor Golf Club in Seminole. We had 104 golfers! The Chapter would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event such a success. Premier Sponsors include: Lo-Chlor, National Pool Route Sales, and Raypak/Rheem/ WEK & Associates. We would also like to thank our Hole Sponsors and those who donated door prizes: AquaCal/AutoPilot, Aquaworx USA, Century Electric Motors, Florida Leak Locators, Fresh Finish Pools, Gorman Company: Clearwater, Port Richey and St. Pete, Gulfstream Heat Pumps, Hayward Pool Products, HornerXpress – Pasco, Insurance by Ken Brown, iQ4Mobility, Jack’s Magic Products, Pentair, Pinellas Aquatic Consulting and Education, Rick’s Pool Service, SCP Distributors, Solar Solutions, Solar Source, and The Pool Works of

32 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS The first place winners in the Florida West Coast Chapter's Annual Golf Tournament. The second place winners in the Florida West Coast Chapter's Annual Golf Tournament. It was a great turnout for the Florida West Coast Chapter's Annual Golf Tournament. Tournament Chair David Oxley dressed for the event (below - right)! Florida. Finally we would like to thank our volunteers: Cathie Alderman, Tim Converse, Rick Howard, and especially David Oxley for chairing the event. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this event such a success! Kick off your Independence Day Celebration with a Night at the Ball Park! Join the Florida West Coast Chapter Sunday, July 3 at BayCare Ballpark in Clearwater in the Big Shark Café. Come watch the Clearwater Threshers play the Lakeland Flying Tigers in a covered, Club Level group area with padded seats. The gates open at 5:00 p.m. and the game starts at 6:30 p.m. Included in the admission cost of $25 for adults (ages 13 and up) and $20 for children (ages 5-12) is all-you-care-to-eat ball park favorites from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 33 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Post-game fireworks show included! Call Malinda at 727-638-6072 for ticket information. Applications are now available for the Margaret M. Brown Scholarship Fund of the Flor ida Swimming Pool Association. Dependents of owners/employees of FSPAmember companies are eligible to receive money for college! Download the application from the FSPA website New FSPA members WELCOME! Cabana Springs Pool Cleaning Jacksonville Helmer Pools Inc. DeFuniak Springs/RP252555087 Larco Pools LLC Dunedin/CPC 1459853 National Pool Partners Orlando/Cape Coral/Pompano Beach/ Oxford Next Level Pools & Spas, LLC Maitland/CPC1459735 Pinch A Penny #112 Miami Lakes/SCC131152086 Proteus Pool Services LLC Land O’Lakes Sentry Industries Miami ServCo Pools Inc Tallahassee/CPC1458311 The Florida West Coast Chapter's Rick Howard volunteered at the FBA Leadership Summit teaching students all about swimming pools and careers in the industry. for full details and information. All materials are due by June 30, 2022, for the 2022-23 academic year. The FSPA Florida West Coast Chapter was a Gold Sponsor of the Future Builders of America’s 17th Annual Leadership Summit held at the FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City, April 21-24. More than 80 students

34 Florida Pool Prosm • June 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS from 13 schools from across Florida participated in 14 core activities related to jobs in the construction industry, including swimming pools! Thank you to Rick and Malinda Howard, Rick's Pool Service, for representing the FSPA and teaching a class on the various aspects of the pool industry and how pools work. Manasota Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 FSPAManasota@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPAManasota.com HornerXpress presented the Chapter’s Annual Golf Tournament on May 28 at Legacy Golf Course! A huge thank you the following companies that are helping us give back to education and safety around water: Title Sponsor: HornerXpress; Bloody Mary Sponsor: Red Rhino Leak Detection; Beverage Cart Sponsor: Gorman; Lunch Sponsor: Nissan of Bradenton; Scorecard Sponsor: Ben Brown Insurance; Goody Bag Sponsor: Mirasol Solar; Cool Off Towel Sponsor: Lo-Chlor; Longest Drive Sponsor: NPT; and Hole Sponsors: Aqua Leak Detection, Built Right Pool Heaters, Century, IBKB, IPSSA, Ledge Lounger, Mirasol Solar, National Pool Route Sales, New Dawn Electric, PebbleTec, Pentair, Performance Link, Premix Marbletite, SCP, SGM, Signet Pools, Solar Solutions, Ten Jams, and VakPak. With the money raised, the Chapter will be able to provide free swim lessons to the summer camp kids at RL Taylor Community Complex. Pictures of our golf event will be shared in the Florida Pool Prosm next month. Mark your calendar for another Cheers and Beers Member Night at Big Top Brewery at 6:00 p.m on June 14! Get to know your industry professionals! Your first beer is on us! Our next Chapter Board meeting, which all members are encouraged to attend, will be Tuesday, June 14 at 4:30 p.m. at Big Top Brewery followed by the Cheers & Beers Member Night. We look forward to seeing you there. Your 2022 Board is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA Manasota Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings.

June 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 35 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS North Central Florida Chapter Coordinator: Sonja Dickey (941) 952-9293 FSPANorthCentralFlorida@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPANorthCentral.com Mark your calendar for June 15! David Pruette, David Pruette Electrical Services, will be teaching our members on the Basic Electrical Requirements for Pools and Spas (CILB #0611477, 1 hr., meets GEN, FPSA d/b/a FSPA CILB/ECLB/BOLA Providership #0000917). It will be held at Blue Gill Quality Food in Gainesville at 6:00 p.m. The nex t Chap t er Board mee t i ng , wh i ch a l l member s are encouraged to attend, wi l l be Wednesday, June 15 at 7:00 p.m., immediately following the CE class. Your 2022 Board is working on exciting and educational events. Please let us hear from you with any suggestions for speakers or events. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page at FSPA North Central Chapter to keep up with upcoming events and meetings. Northeast Florida Chapter Coordinator: Debi Garner (941) 952-9293 FSPANortheastFlorida@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPANortheast.com Happy summer! The Northeast Florida Chapter had their Annual Golf Tournament on April 22. It was a picture perfect day in northeast Florida for golfing! Wewere at a new course this year, CimaronneGolf &Country Club. The The Northeast Florida Chapter had a "stuff the bag" night to prepare for the Annual Golf Tournament. Thank you to Cole Hairston, Brad Correia, John Garner, Candi Moorman, Bill Hodgkins, Greg Bowers and Ryan Luken. event went smoothly and everyone had a great time. A big thank you to the following who helped make this year a huge success: A&A Manufacturing, AquaCal, Blue Haven Pools & Spas, Candi Moorman, Century Motors, Cover Care, David Pruette Electrical Services, D&D Bot t led Gas, Eagle Pools, Fluidra, Gorman