January 2022

January 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 25 INSURANCE UPDATE i. Speeding, idle time, acceleration time 3.Positive reinforcement a.Additional Time Off b.Bonus c.Prioritized work shifts/schedules d.Newer vehicles e.Other rewards deemed by management 4.Negative incentives a.Additional Training b.Vehicle Ride-Along c.Verbal Warnings d.Written Warnings e.Loss of company driving privileges f.Other appropriate discipline up to and including termination 8.Communication and Implementation Plan a. Communication of the overall program goals is critical to the effective implementation of the program. The communication could highlight several areas of importance; i.Goal: Improve Overall Safety 1.Vehicle accidents are consistently one of the leading causes of work related accidents and fatalities in the United States. 2.Accidents & Disabled drivers/vehicles can be immediately located and assistance provided. 3.Reduce the number of and seriousness of accidents by reducing overall speed, hard braking and accelerations. 4.Reduce seriousness of individual injuries by reducing overall speed, hard braking and accelerations. 5.Recognize safer employees and identify employees who may need coaching. 6.OSHAGeneral Duty Clause – management is responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment. This is one way management can strive to accomplish this objective for remote employees. In closing, GPS can be so much more than just knowing where your vehicles are and where they are going. Embrace these ideas and you’ll have a safer driver and a safer fleet of vehicles!