January 2022

24 Florida Pool Prosm • January 2022 INSURANCE UPDATE a.Operation outside of defined geo graphic areas b.Location red lining iv. Reduce wear and tear on vehicles 1. Speeding data 2. Avg. speed data 3. Hard braking data 4. Rapid acceleration data 5. Idle time data v. Improve individual accountability for driving behaviors 1. All of the above and more 2. Overall driving score/rating for individuals 6. Develop a Monitoring Program a. Continual and consistent monitoring of the data is critical to the achievement of the defined objectives. Monitored data should support the achievement of defined goals and identify positive and negative driver behaviors. i.Define monitoring tools 1. Alerts 2. Dashboards 3. Specific data points 4. Random sampling of driver data 5. Random sampling of entire fleet ii. Define time frame of monitoring 1. Weekly, monthly, daily, hourly, etc. 7.Develop Recognition/Enforcement Program a. Management feedback to driver(s) is critical to goal achievement. Feedback should be timely and regular. Feedback can be completed with an individual or in a group setting. Feedback and coaching, positive and negative, should be consistently provided to all individuals. i.Individual/Fleet based 1.Acceptable and unacceptable behaviors 2.Behavior modification tools based on; a.Overall Driver Score b.Specific behavior(s) defined as targeted benchmark activities c.Driver improvement in overall score or specific behavior targeted d.Duration of time a driver exhibits the criteria