January 2022

January 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 21 INSURANCE UPDATE Are you getting the most out of your Telematics/GPS system? Are you using it as a real management tool? A typical GPS system has the ability to track a significant amount of information which can be used to monitor and manage your drivers. Managing the operations of your vehicles leads to safer drivers and fewer accidents which leads to more affordable insurance premiums. This outline is designed to be a supplement to an existing fleet safety program (we can help with that, too). The outline can assist you to define the commitment to and effective use of your GPS system. 1. Develop a Telematics (GPS system) Policy a. Your company should have a clear, consistent and concise message to all employees concerning the implementation of the fleet safety program supported by telematics data. The message is typically sent by the president of the organization to emphasize the importance and commitment to the program. 2.Responsibility, Authority, and Accountability a. An effective telematics program should designate an individual with the By David Griffiths, Insurance by Ken Brown / dgriffiths@insbykenbrown.com Are you getting the most out of your GPS?