January 2022

20 Florida Pool Prosm • January 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS COMMERCI L CON ECTION an intermittent hiccup. More recent innovations include web-based interfaces giving customers an easier and quicker way to connect with their controllers, giving them total access to their systems via their smart phones, tablets and PC’s…without loading or navigating any complex programs. Finally, you have the culmination of the four major categories of aquatic remote control and communications mentioned above, complete with proactive readings recap, graphs on all parameters, controller calibrations, test kit readings, and more… wow. What started out as a nice “feature” for a few customers to assure high standards at thei r faci l i t ies has transformed into a “must have” industry requirement to be able to handle the crazy pace of today’s litigious society. Leading service companies are implementing communicating control systems into their service strategy and are streamlining routes and optimizing their efforts to provide the best customer service with the least amount of manpower. We’d like to say we’ve finally arrived at the end… but many are already working on the next step. Jump on board…”Your Pool Can’t Wait to Talk to You.” Precision Control & BECS Controller Line • Reliable, 30 Year Track Record • All Items in Stock for Immediate Shipment • In-Field Service & Repair by Factory Techs • Leaders in Remote Control & Communication • ORP & Direct Reading PPM • Control Systems at Every Price Level Commercial Energy Specialists Excellence inWater Quality Control Since 1983 FL/Carribean Master Distributor/Service Center www.CESWaterQuality.com 800-940-1557