January 2022

January 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 17 800.641.9247 www.sgm.cc Granite Emerald Black Blue Opal Imperial White Harbor Gray Lucayan Blue Sapphire Bay Serene Seas Aqua Reef French Blue Tropical Blue Cool Seas Tahoe Mist Midnight Moon Blue Granite there’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. a great pool finish is DURABLE, SOFT TO THE TOUCH, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment. RIVER ROK finishes provide that and more. NEW_FSPA_River_Rok_2020_half_page.indd 1 12/16/2020 11:01:13 AM sometimes unpredictable extended periods, be compassionate and show empathy. A tip that often has helped me is to turn it into a question of what they do for a living. This has quickly allowed me to compare it to their own frustrations and situations they deal with at work and that all businesses have. This turns is into how frustrated this can be for everyone, and yes, even remind them we are in a pandemic! Having the customers at least understand your side is extremely valuable in the common goal to build a great pool. • Staff and labor force: Always remember and remind customers we are in a labor crisis and ask them to be kind to those who show up! As we celebrate 2022 with hopes to get back to normalcy, ready or not, be thankful and move forward with confidence!