January 2022

16 Florida Pool Prosm • January 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS unknowns, which, with uncertain answers, it is easy NOT to contact the client, therefore do not say anything. Wrong! This is frustrating for all, clients assume we are not constantly enquiring and checking to advance their status, which has become our daily routine. So let the customer know; when playing offense, you alway win. • Pass on price increases: This has its moments and often is a sticky topic. Does the customer get upset? YES! Let the clients in on price increases by showing transparency, show them the letters (we all know by now what ones). A10-20 plus percent price increase, let them in on that, it is not because we just wanted more money. Does your contract have a “force majeure” clause? You may want to consult your attorney to add one for the continued unpredictability on prices. We owe our clients the continuous quality our industry can produce and covering costs is the most valuable tool to achieve this. • Customers: As frustrating as it can be to have your yard/home under construction for,