January 2022

12 Florida Pool Prosm • January 2022 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE offer in order to satisfy the claimant. Status: SB 736: Passed by Judiciary Committee on 11/30/2021. Now in Community Affairs. HB 583: Filed; Referred to Civil Justice & Property Rights Subcommittee, Regulatory Reform Subcommittee, and Judiciary Committee. Apprenticeship Contracts SB 612 by Senator Travis Hutson The bill allows an apprentice to enter into a contract with a business for up to 3 years. The contract would need to be signed by both the head of the business and the apprentice. The bill allows a parent to sign the contract if the apprentice is younger than 18 years old. Status: SB 612: Filed; Referred to Commerce & TourismCommittee, Regulated Industries Committee, and Rules Committee. Building Inspection Services SB 644 by Senator Jason Brodeur HB 423 by Rep. Chip LaMarca Current law also allows property owners and contractors to hire building SENSAFE ITSSENSAFE SENSAFE_ITS sensafe.com • its@sensafe.com • 800-861-9712 USING ALTERNATIVE POOL SANITIZERS? SALT LOW CHLORINE COPPER BORATE OZONE TEST WITH THE BEST! SIN0721_½ ad.indd 1 6/18/21 4:12 PM