February 2022

February 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 9 As a pool professional, you need to be extremely careful of electrical problems you may encounter while working on pools and spas. If ignored, these problems can lead to severe injury or even death for yourself, your employees, the property maintenance staff or an innocent child who might gain access to the equipment. Ideally, a pool contractor should not repair any equipment on the pool or spa once an electrical hazard has been discovered. Once identified, a decision must be made whether any work can or should be done on this pool before any electrical issues are resolved. Per the State of Florida licensing board, pool contractors cannot complete these types of repairs and a licensed electrician is required for the majority of electrical repairs. Licensed pool contractors can repair/replace conduit on branch circuits only and repair the equipment bonding except any connections at the breaker panel. All single-phase pool/ spa equipment (except low vol tage l ight ing) must also be protected by ground fault GFCI c i r c u i t b r e a k e r s . Instal lat ion of these breakers also requires a licensed electrician. If GFCI breakers can’t be installed on an older style breaker panel, the entire panel must be replaced. By Todd Koonts and Ken Soukup, Spies Pool LLC / todd@spiespool.com When you see electrical hazards in the field THE SCOOP ON SERVICE