February 2022

February 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 17 DIGGING UP IDEAS barrier for your pool project is using single component colloidal silicate products. These amazing products penetrate deep into the capillary structure of concrete and mortar to permanently enhance physical properties and the dynamics of waterproofing performance. Exhibiting highly reactive and hydrophilic properties, they quickly migrate through waterways and capillary tracts to chemically react with and convert free water-soluble calcium hydroxide into a dense crystalline network of insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel within the concrete pore structure. This conversion process purges unwanted chlorides and contaminants from within the concrete matrix, seals and densifies, permanently blocks moisture ingress, reduces moisture vapor emissivity and enhances resistance to aggressive chemical substances.In other words, it really tightens up your plaster and prevents efflorescence. So, take the extra steps to make sure the beautiful pool project you just finished stays that way for years to come and protect your client's investment. It will only lead to more great reviews and free word of mouth advertising for your company. MADE IN THE USA w w w . p u r i t y p o o l . c o m FAMILIAR FAVORITES FULL SELECTION OF LEAF RAKES STAIN REMOVERS & TILE SCRUBBERS New! PELICAN FEATHERWEIGHT TRASH COLLECTOR SPA SCOOP Red Baron ULTRA-LITE GATOR Pro-Lite Fast & Easy Replacement Parts! Choose From: