February 2022

February 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 FSPA has had talks about how we can simplify the permitting process. Likemany other contractors, I findmyself working inmany different counties and their many different municipalities. Although we have a Florida unified code, each individual jurisdiction has their own interpretation of the code. Each city or county has their own systems to process permits, many of them requiring their specific logo on what should be state standardized forms. I think we can all agree that a state approved set of forms should be acceptable to every building department processing permits within the state. Too many times we have had to track down an out-of-state client to have them sign a paper that says the same thing as the first one they signed just because of a missing logo. Realizing that each municipality has their own budget and population size unique to them, I find it interesting that there is such a diversified approach to permitting. Within the same county you can have building departments with wildly different electronic permit and plan submittal systems and some that do not comply with the state electronic submittal requirements at all. These different departments are also inconsistent in what forms are required. Some require warranty deeds or Lien Law affidavits when others don't. DIGGING UP IDEAS How can we streamline the permitting process? By Roy Waldhauer, Waldhauer & Son / waldhauerpools@yahoo.com New FSPA members WELCOME! Acquatica Pool Service LLC Ocala American Leak Detection Punta Gorda | CPC1459696 ABC Design General Services Deerfield Beach | CGC151515