August 2022

August 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 15 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS up and the Department of Health is looking for just that. It really makes you step up your game. No one likes to see the red tag of death, "Pool Closed." Your company’s reputation takes a ding. We now have written proof that we have made an error. Now there is extra paperwork, extra visits which means extra money going away. How do you keep this from happening? The Truth is sometimes you just cannot. Sometimes it's not our fault. Vandalism happens, tiles get broken. Signs blow down, float rings get thrown over fences. It is our responsibility to fix it. The next key issue is finances. The base of the business itself. Banking relationships need to be developed. Commercial accounts take money. A 50 horsepower motor is not cheap and your check from the facility may be 30 days away. The contracts are definitely larger than the residential world, but so are the operating expenses, insurance requirements and even payroll, because you’re hiring a certified employee with training. All expenses need to be factored into contract pricing. Contracts are definitely more complex with RFQ's (Request For Quote) 90 pages deep. There is also the issue of communication.Communicate with your certified technicians the minimum standards required for filters, chemicals and even driving your truck. Communicate with property managers on contract price, repair issues that close the pool and ones that allow you to chemically dose. Communicate with the Department of Health when code violations are fixed or to ask if they could elaborate on what is the violation. Running a large commercial company takes skillsets. The best advice I can give for the operation of a commercial pool cleaning company is to have more paperwork than you thought you needed. It should cover every aspect of your company. Starting with your founding principles and core values of your business. Written expectations or score cards for employee performance. Daily schedules. Write it all down. What is the reward for operating commercial accounts? No nighttime calls. Very few weekend calls. Five, six or seven figure contracts. It can become financial independence as you assemble a great team. One of my biggest rewards… "Watch me! Watch me!" COMMER I L CON CTION