August 2022

14 Florida Pool Prosm • August 2022 COMMERCIAL CONNECTION I have loved being a commercial operator for more than 12 years now. I have more than 40,000 commercial poolside visits personally. Some of the best aspects of commercial accounts are the variety of challenges and opportunities you face on any given day. You never know if you’re going to get a call from a zoo to resurface a pit for bears to swim in or maybe a university or hospital needing help. I have walked a 32 million gallon body of water the same day I got a call about a 50 gallon landscape fountain. We get to make sure these multi-family swimming pools are clean and safe. We allow the old woman who just beat cancer to do her exercises in the pool, while on the other side the new baby sits in its floaty with mom. Far behind the scenes we get to create childhood memories of calling out the great explorer ‘Marco Polo”. These recent Fourth of July celebrations were made in part by a skilled commercial pool operator. The calls of, "Watch me! Watch me!" before the most perfect cannonball in the history of cannonballs is performed. Distilled down to the essence, memories for others are what we create when we build, remodel or service a commercial property. We land huge contracts for high risk reward ratios. That is the best of what we do. It's business though... it's real. It's hard. It's mean sometimes. I've had to hold employee’s hands in the emergency room because of chemical poisoning. Had to fire an employee for losing their battle with addiction. I've had employees steal from me. I've been sued because blue isn't dark enough blue. I have been sued when the drunk resident jumped from the table into the three-foot section and broke his face. I've failed DOH inspections because the waterfilled vacuum gauge had water in it and was obviously broken. I have had bids come in one third of what I quoted. I have been paid 90 days late with the late fee held back. I feel sometimes that most companies avoid commercial accounts because of a few key issues. One is that your held accountable to a standard. Chapter 64E-9 is 27 pages on how to do your job. The Department of Health even sends inspectors out to check on you. We do not like being told we messed Some good, some bad By Michael Cooper, Cooper Pools /