August 2022

August 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 11 THE SCOOP ON SERVICE are exponential. A well-trained technician has confidence, takes pride in their work and interacts with customers on a much higher level. Take the time to train them at the shop weekly. Create scenarios, hook up equipment at the shop and make sure everyone knows how to use it. Teach your technicians to speak with customers from a technical perspective. Appearance on the pool deck We require that all our technicians wear closed-toe shoes. Tradespeople don’t wear flip flops to work. Just think about it; what other trade or vendor is going to show up at a customer’s property wearing flip flops and board shorts? We wear higher-end shirts; we stay clean. We look good; we look professional. When you show up to a customer’s house who just dropped $150k on a pool with the latest automation, most expensive tile and the most beautiful surface you have ever seen, wearing board shorts, flips flops and a camo sleeveless shirt it just doesn’t scream trust. Trucks / Fleet If your truck looks like it just stepped out of World War III with a sticker on the back that says 'honk if parts fall off'; it is time to get a new one. This is your business card on the street. Customers will inherently say, “If that is how they take care of their trucks then that’s probably how they are going to take care of my pool.” When you pull up to a customer's house and your tech opens the door and pizza boxes and cans fall out, it is not a very pretty picture. Have your techs clean your trucks weekly at a minimum with a wash, vacuum and cleaning out the bed. At 365 Pools we want to draw a strong contrast between the “pool guy” and the pool technician. As an industry we separate ourselves from a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ splash and dash pool culture. Always remember that perception is reality.