April 2022

40 Florida Pool Prosm • April 2022 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Oxidation Reduction Potential Visit ces.learnupon.com Click “add” on the ORP course, click “Proceed to Cart” and then “checkout.” Click “have a coupon code” and enter FSPAORP20 for 20% off! • History, operation, observations, and chemistry of ORP • Testing pros and cons • Understand how ORP works • The importance of maintaining a high ORP • How to solve ORP-related water quality issues. Online learning experience meets 2 hrs of General requirement and includes video lecture, interactive problem-solving activities and quizzes. www.FloridaPoolPro.biz CILB Course #0613312 | CAM Course #9629471 / CILB Providership: Commercial Energy Specialists, Inc. / CILB Providership #0000828 FSPA is o ering this online course in partnership with CES. For additional information about any of the events or meetings listed in the Chapter News, please contact the chapter staff listed at the top of each Chapter's News. attend. We are very excited to work with Dr. Bill Kent and Rowdy Gaines with the relationship between FSPA’s Florida Swims Foundation and the Step Into Swim program and Every ChildASwimmer. Please go to www.FloridaSwims. org for more information and donation / commitment forms! Monthly Chapter meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. All members are welcome to attend and provide any information/feedback to help improve our Chapter or, if you need assistance from us, please email questions to FSPATampaBay@floridapoolpro.com. Treasure Coast Chapter Volunteer: Ericka Villegas State office: (866) 930-3772 FSPATreasureCoast@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPATreasureCoast.com No news this month.