April 2022

4 Florida Pool Prosm • April 2022 FSPA PRESIDENT FSPA President Mickey Sigmon president@FloridaPoolPro.com GOLDEN A: No, the FPPS, CPO and other Public Pool Service Technician Certification courses do not authorize the certification holder to repair pools and spas or pool and spa equipment. These courses grant students a non-license certification (NLC) that allows them to operate and maintain (clean, test water, and apply chemicals) public swimming pools and spas. Under FloridaAdministrative Code 64E-9.018 anyone who maintains public pool must be certified and dictates the content of any course that grants certification. Currently the Florida Department of Health recognizes nine (9) non-license certification (NLC) courses that meet the Public Pool Service Technician Certification requirement for public swimming pools and spas. If you have any questions please contact FSPASenior Director of Government Affairs Dallas Thiesen at 941-952-9293 or at Dallas@FloridaPoolPro.com. S *** You Should Know Q: Does the FPPS, CPO, or any other of the Florida Public Pool Service Technician Certification courses allow someone to repair pool and spas or pool and spa equipment? At the close of this year’s Everything Under the Sunsm Expo, the Florida Swimming Pool Association has officially been showcasing our industry for 50 years. That is a landmark worth celebrating. The 50th Anniversary is the golden anniversary. Being “golden” means you are special, superb, possessing a high degree of excellence, and flourishing. The term offers a distinct example of our FSPA members - hard workers who give 110% day in and day out in the hot Florida sun, committed professionals with integrity and the will to win, steadfast volunteers, and a group of people who are devoted to better this industry and the folks within it. GOLDEN.