April 2022

April 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 27 FSPA CHAPTER NEWS Broward Chapter Coordinator: Diane Michael (386) 538-1083 FSPABroward@FloridaPoolPro.com www.FSPABroward.com Congrats to Misty Knight, Fluidra, for receiving the Chapter’s highest honor of Director of the Year! Thank you for all your support and your passion for the industry and Broward! Congratulations! Every few months, we like to send out a list of current members. We do this for three reasons. (1) To be sure you are aware if your business is not a member. No worries, use the links to renew or sign up! So many great benefits of being a member and now is a better time than ever to support our industry! Sign up at www.JoinFSPA.com. Renew online at https://industry.floridapoolpro.com/ MemberSvcs/MemberRenewal.aspx. (2) Consider working with a fellow member first! Let's remember to give business to those who support and believe in this industry! Online you can search for members in any area of the state. (3) Lastly, if you know a business that isn't on the list and should be, please invite them to our next meeting stressing the importance of our local and state organization. So much is done behind the scenes to keep our industry flourishing, protected and on top of planning for the future. We make The Broward Chapter would like to thank Lo-Chlor and HornerXpress for hosting the meeting in February. this happen through membership! If you didn't receive an email with the list, visit www.FloridaPoolPro.biz and under the membership menu click on Members using Members to search yoru area. Our first meeting back together was held February 16 and was hosted by HornerXpress. What a great first meeting back. With more than 30 people in attendance on a rainy night it was a wonderful turnout and night! Thank you all very much for your support and making a welcoming environment for all. We