April 2022

22 Florida Pool Prosm • April 2022 DIGGING UP IDEAS installed when it was needed the most, it’s time has come to an end in my mind and many builders’ minds throughout the state. We appreciate all the government relations team has done to allow the Contractors to hire their employees, sub’s as we call them, without added government assistance. Lastly I would like to ask any and all to join our Builders Council this year, whether on the state or local Boards. All members are needed and wanted to be a part of this group as we go forward. All it takes is a few calls; first a call to the state office and informing Dallas that you or one of your employees to be a part of this council. We would love to have and need any and all volunteers to have a voice and opportunity to help us make the next 50 years as great as the last have been. After calling Dallas, and jumping on board, it takes about an hour a month to help us move forward into the next century or two. Thank you all who taught, volunteered, and especially to all who have helped to get us here 50 years later; but especially all who put in the extra long hours to make this year so special. Time to say I am out thank you for taking the time to read this and have an awesome year. SENSAFE ITSSENSAFE SENSAFE_ITS sensafe.com • its@sensafe.com • 800-861-9712 USING ALTERNATIVE POOL SANITIZERS? SALT LOW CHLORINE COPPER BORATE OZONE TEST WITH THE BEST! SIN0721_½ ad.indd 1 6/18/21 4:12 PM