April 2022

April 2022 • Florida Pool Prosm 21 DIGGING UP IDEAS have less gray hair if I had thought of those things. As I think of these obstacles, I think of the tribulations we didn’t take into consideration. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of our trade show. What an accomplishment that is and was. First, I think of how great it is that we made it to 50 years, and then I think of all the great people who helped us get here. My word count doesn’t allow me to list all their names, but due to their work, effort and fortuitousness we made it. Our education opportunities and abilities have gone through the roof and the show has been a major contribution to this part of the association. Three days of this opportunity allows us to grow, and our staff to grow with us. With the cost of a membership, which I figure is a low cost for the pool industry, think of all the free friends and associates we can reach out to for advice, assistance and knowledge. The chance to get together for dinner and a drink, or two, or just the opportunity to sit and talk to the manufacturer and give our input is priceless. In addition to the show, we have joined together the last couple years more than ever to teach children how to swim. For the last 20 years, it has always been, “Pools are the number one places that children have issues.” In the last few years, we have been blessed with the chance to teach some of these future Olympians how to swim and be safe around the water. A big thanks Dr. Kent and Team Horner for all the support you have given us in this endeavor. Thank you to all the chapters and volunteers for helping us give this gift to any and all we can. Just thinking about us putting our time, money, and love into trying to reduce childhood drownings makes me smile each time I think about it. I hope we are making a difference for the next group of great leaders that our communities have to offer. We have since joined the national organization’s Step Into Swim initiative in teaching children to swim countrywide. How far we have come and still hope to go further with this program. I look forward to seeing where it stands in the next 10 years. The top of the moon is my goal. We have a new Florida Swims Foundation license plate coming (pending a signature from the governor) that I hope spreads awareness to the state of Florida. How cool will it be to have a license plate promoting swimming and the safety of it? Every Child a Swimmer here we come! Next we may have the subcontractor license requirement removed this year through an exemption. While it was and is a good program, which was