April 2022

14 Florida Pool Prosm • April 2022 THE SCOOP ON SERVICE of chemicals. 1.Materials of Trade 2. Limited Quantity Exemption 3. Hazardous Materials Regulations like a trucking company. Don’t forget to add sodium bromide, bag shock, and algaecides as EPA registered product you may have into your weight calculations. Sodium bicarbonate, DE, calcium and cyanuric acid are not included in DOT chemical weight. Materials of Trade Most pool service companies fall under this and it’s the simplest way to stay off DOT’s radar. No additional paperwork other than a SDS, and if you’re a FSPAmember your INFOTRAC benefit has you covered. HAZMAT training is required. • 440lb Maximum EPA registered products including Sodium Hypochlorite and acid products • No containers over 66lb = No 100lb drums of Trichlor, tablets or Cal Hypo • No liquid containers over 8 gallons. Example: 12 Jerry Jugs / 30 gallons X 9.75=292.5lb 4 gallons acid X 9.66=38.64lb 50lb tabs = 50.00lb 381.14lb Total Greater than Materials of Trade designation Maximum 999Lbs. total EPA registered products including sodium hypochlorite and acid products. Must have shipping paperwork on truck. No containers over 66lb and No liquid containers over 8 gallons. Examples: 40 Jugs = (975lbs) and 2 gallons acid (19.25lb) = 994.52 OR 38 jugs (926.25lb) and 4 gallons acid (39.04) =965.29 total Hazardous Materials Regulations Above 1,000 lbs. of EPA registered products and you are designated as a