April 2022

10 Florida Pool Prosm • April 2022 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE and Senate Committee hearings and meet with legislators and staff about FSPA’s bills. Their work helped ensure FSPA’s success this year. The description and status of all bills that FSPA tracked during the 2022 Legislative Session are below. 2022 FSPA Bills S w i m m i n g P o o l S u b c o n t r a c t o r E x e m p t i o n - SB 222 by Sen. Joe Gruters / HB 267 by Rep. Lawrence McClure SB 222 / HB 267 gives swimming pool and spa contractors an exemption to allow the hiring of sub-contractors who do not have an occupational license. This is the same exemption that Florida home builders have enjoyed for years known as the “Jim Walter Exemption.” Sub-contractors will now be able to perform work for a licensed swimming pool contractor within the scope of that contractor’s license regardless of the sub-contractors license status. This bill will not eliminate Swimming Pool Specialty Subcontractor Licenses, but will simply eliminate the need for a sub-contractor to be licensed independently of the swimming pool contractor who hired them. Status: SB 222: Passed House & Senate; Ordered Enrolled. HB 267:Laid on the Table, SB 222 Substituted. FSPA Position: SUPPORT Florida Swims License Plate - SB 364 by Sen. Bean/Transportion Committee Would create a Specialty Vehicle License Plate that would benefit FSPA’s Florida Swims Foundation which funds childhood swimming lesions. Status: SB 364: Passed House & Senate; Ordered Enrolled. FSPA Position: SUPPORT 2022 Bills to Watch Swim-Up Bars Commercial Pools - SB 1044 by Ed Hooper / HB 719 by Rep. David Smith Requiring the Florida Building Commission to adopt requirements and procedures within the Florida Building Code for the approval of swim-up bars at commercial and public swimming pool locations; requiring the commission to work with swimming pool industry representatives when developing such requirements and procedures. Status:SB 1044: Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration.