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Membership Benefits

Want to become a member?

When you join FSPA, you receive exclusive FSPA benefits. These benefits include expanded business advantages for you, your company, your employees and even your family. Your membership provides solutions to many of the challenges you face within the industry. Click here to see a list of member programs.

Challenge: Finding customers interested in your services.

Solution: FSPA members can be found by consumers in the “Find a Pool Pro” search feature on the Web.

Consumers can search by category and ZIP code to find the pool professionals in their area. This means added business for you!

Challenge: Save money on insurance costs

Solution: FSPA insurance programs provide competitive premiums, great service, knowledgeable underwriting and cash dividend payments for good performance.

Through the Florida Swimming Pool Association Insurance Trust and the FSPA-endorsed insurance provider – Insurance by Ken Brown – our members are eligible for insurance programs designed specifically for the pool and spa industry. These programs include property and casualty, auto, hazardous materials coverage, employee dishonesty, workers compensation and “pool popping.”

Companies can earn cash dividends for good loss control experience through their group participation and their continued membership in FSPA.

Through Coordinated Benefits members can set up medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, payroll, business planning and more. Employees can get medical insurance without any obligation from the employer!

Challenge: Know what’s happening in your market

Solution: Join an FSPA Chapter and get connected with other pool professionals. Get in on the action, influence the industry and have some fun in your “home” Chapter.

Local FSPA Chapters provide a strong information network for industry professionals. Regularly scheduled Chapter meetings provide speakers on local issues such as building codes, offer inexpensive courses for continuing education requirements and host social activities for members and their families.

Each Chapter is managed by a staff person or the Chapter president. FPSA staff in Sarasota and a government relations contract employee who travels to Tallahassee provide you with vital government relations information.

Many members feel that local FSPA Chapters provide a place for members to “give something back” to their industry and to their communities through “Adopt-A-Pool” programs and our “Partners in Youth Aquatics” with the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Chapters also create local marketing and promotional opportunities for FSPA members, such as local consumer guides and home shows that increase exposure for your company.

Challenge: Rising college costs for children

Solution: FSPA-Florida scholarships help meet the high cost of college expenses for
dependents of FSPA members.

The FSPA Scholarship Program is available to dependents of owners and employees of FSPA member companies. Students at all levels of post-secondary education are eligible for merit scholarships of $500 or more based on academic accomplishment, extracurricular activities, contributions to their community and an essay on a pool / spa industry related topic. In 2011 over $17,000 was awarded to student dependents of FSPA members.

Challenge: Keep informed of industry news

Solution: Florida PoolProsm summarizes important industry news each month to inform you before it impacts your business.

As a member of FSPA, you receive a free subscription to the monthly Florida Pool Prosm. This publication is written especially for pool/spa professionals in Florida. It covers legislation and regulation at the CILB, Florida Building Commission, Water Management Districts, EPA, OSHA and other agencies that may affect your business.

Florida Pool Prosm also covers current news from the 16 FSPA Chapters.
There is a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events and news of the people who comprise our industry. Each month it is mailed directly to FSPA members first-class to bring you timely information in an easy-to-read format.

The e-newsletters, Splash and Springboard, are sent out on Fridays. If there is something you need to know right away, we will let you know in an e-newsletter.

Challenge: Learn about new products and earn
CILB-required CE credits to stay ahead

Solution: The Everything Under the Sun (sm) Expo (Orlando Pool & Spa Show) offers a convenient showcase of new products and services in conjunction with CILB approved continuing education courses taught by industry experts.

The annual Orlando Pool & Spa Show brings professionals from throughout the Southeast together to learn about new products, technical innovations, construction law and practices. This is an opportunity to receive specialty training, sit for certification and meet directly with manufacturers and your local manufacturer’s rep. The CILB continuing education classes are tailored to contractors and, if you attend the Show every two years, you will able to complete all the required courses necessary to meet state licensing renewal requirements.

Challenge: Demonstrate professional accomplishments

Solution: Increase profits and gain customer respect with FSPA Design Awards recognition

The annual FSPA Design Awards program gives members an opportunity to enter their pools and spas for judging on workmanship, soundness of design, beauty, practicality and safety. Categories customized for Florida pool construction divide the entries by size, type of construction and features. Pools are awarded a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Award of Merit based on a panel of industry judges’ review. Each award winner receives an engraved plaque with a mounted photo of the pool or spa so they may display their accomplishment to potential customers.

Award winning pools are submitted to national industry magazines for publication and press releases are prepared for local distribution.
A special logo is available for the winners to use in ads, business cards and on company letterhead.

Challenge: Influence government decisions

Solution: Elect good candidates through participation in the PIPAC and government
contact programs – It’s Your Business

FSPA is your voice and watchdog at all levels of government. The Association maintains an active voice in government relations through a government relations consultant, staff attendance at monthly CILB meetings, working with the Department of Health on pool and spa issues, maintaining an active presence with the Florida Building Commission and helping Chapters work with local building departments and licensing boards. FSPA also works with entities such as the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA on issues affecting the pool and spa industry.

The Pool Industry Political Action Committee (PIPAC) is committed to supporting candidates for office in the Florida Legislature at the statewide level who understand and vote for pro-business issues.

A local legislative contact program allows the industry to have direct communication with legislators. Your support of PIPAC, whether financial or as a legislative contact, will help our industry’s interests be well represented.

Challenge: Keep up with the latest SDS sheets

Solution: Use FSPA SDS with INFOTRAC Hotline to Meet OSHA & DOT Requirements

FSPA offers members a FREE “SDS Expert Assistance Program” that meets all OSHA and DoT requirements for SDS sheet availability and provides guidance on Haz Mat issues to subscribers. A hotline is available 24-7-365.

Challenge: Solve consumer disputes quickly

Solution: The Uniform Arbitration Program provides rapid and inexpensive resolution of consumer disputes

If informal mediation through the Chapter fails to resolve a problem, alternative dispute resolution may be handled through binding arbitration administered locally by the state office. Use this program to collect final draws or to respond to customer complaints that seem to defy resolution. Awards are binding on both parties and enforceable in court.

Challenge: Customer recognition of FSPA

Solution: Show customers your pride in the Association and what it means to be an FSPA member – display your FSPA logo.

As an FSPA member you want to be sure current and future customers are aware of your membership. The Association provides a personalized Certificate of Membership, personalized FSPA Code of Ethics, annual membership decals suitable for store windows and company vehicles and member logos (electronically) to use on printed materials such as letterhead and business cards.

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