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We are thrilled to introduce our newest member benefit, FSPAConnect! This will be your go-to place to stay in the loop with all things related to the Florida Swimming Pool Association. It is an exclusive members-only networking tool designed to help you connect with other association members.

You can ask advice, share expertise, connect with other members and even share large files without cluttering your inbox.

You already have a profile set up and are automatically subscribed to the FSPA Open Forum. Now it’s time to login, update your profile and start making connections!

**You already have an account profile set up for you because you are the point of contact for your membership. If you have other employees in your company that you would like to grant access to this community, please email ava@floridapoolpro.com with the unique email address and name of the employee. THIS MUST BE A UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS. There is no limit to how many employees you can add.**

  1. Logging In

To Log In, go http://community.floridapoolpro.com/home

For your username and password, please contact the community manager, Ava Jones via email at ava@floridapoolpro.com or via phone at (941) 952-9293.

When you log in for the first time, please be sure to read over the rules and click on the ‘I Accept’ box at the bottom of the page. You will need to accept these rules before continuing.

  1. Updating Profile Information

You can complete your profile by importing information from LinkedIn or simply enter your information on the profile page.

*Note: Basic contact and employment information is automatically populated into your profile.  from the Members Only section of our website. Updating your information on our website will also trigger the update of that info on FSPAConnect.

  1. Building Your Contact List

A great benefit of FSPAConnect is the searchable member directory. Connect with friends, colleagues and fellow members that you met at past events such as the Everything Under the Sun Exposm or a local chapter meeting.

You can access and search the directory from your homepage under the ‘Connect’ tab and click ‘Member Directory’ or from your profile under the ‘My Connections’ tab.

  1. Reviewing Your Email Settings

All members are auto-subscribed to the FSPA Open Forum and you will start receiving emails tomorrow containing new discussion posts as members start participating. To update your email preferences, visit your profile, under the “My Account” tab in the menu bar. You can choose from the following options:

  • Real Time: You will receive an email each time a new message is posted
  • Daily Digest: You will receive one email each day containing all of the previous day’s messages
  • No Email: This means that you won’t receive any emails in your inbox. You will need to log in to FSPAConnect to view and reply to discussion posts
  1. Joining Communities

As a new member of FSPAConnect, you are automatically subscribed to the all-members Open Forum. In the future we plan to add more communities tailored to specific subjects.

  1. Creating a Discussion Post

From the FSPAConnect homepage, click on the “Participate” tab and then “Post a Message”.

You can also post a message by clicking on the “Communities” tab and choosing your desired community. From there, click on the “Discussions” tab and click on the green button that says, “Post to this Discussion”. Enter your subject, choose the community you wish to post the message into, type your message, attach any necessary documents and click send.

You can also post a message directly from your email account without having to log in.      In one of the emails you receive from FSPAConnect, you will see a link at the top that says, “Post New Message”. Click on that link, type your subject and discussion post and click send.

  1. Replying to a Message

There are three ways to reply to a discussion post:

  • Reply to Discussion: reply to everyone in the group
  • Reply to Sender: reply privately to the original sender
  • Reply by Email: reply directly from the email notification you receive without having to log in to the community website. To do this, simply click on the “Reply All Email” button.

If you have any questions regarding FSPAConnect, please feel free to reach out to Ava Jones via email at Ava@floridapoolpro.com or by calling the office at (941) 952-9293.

We hope that you enjoy this new member benefit and can’t wait see you all online!

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