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Tips for Choosing the Right Customers

By Roy Waldhauer, Waldhauer & Son / waldhauerpools@yahoo.com

My business, Waldhauer & Son, has built more than 2,000 pools in the community and we have been a family-owned and operated company for over three decades!  I feel confident in saying we have seen it all!  These days there is so much information out there helping the consumer to find the right builder for them.  They are given tips on checking out review sites, ensuring the builders are licensed, and looking to see if they’re in good standing with trade organizations.  They are told to ask questions like how many subcontractors will be used to build their pool.  But what about questioning your future client?  I feel the consumers have become more demanding than ever and they are educated, for the most part, because they have taken time to do their research on this home investment.

We definitely don’t build every pool that a potential client requests.  We are blessed to be able to choose the right client to ensure a win-win end result.  Here are some tips that I have learned along the way.


When speaking to your potential client at your showroom or at their kitchen table, be sure to ask them about their dream pool.  Write down all the bells and whistles that they want and show them what you’ve written.  Go over lights, tiles, fountains, etc.  Tell them to dream big!  Have them identify a priority list.  What can be removed based on budget?  Then ask them what they want to invest and show them where it all adds up.

I also recommend going over mutual goals.  Discuss timelines and explain what the best case scenario would be and what they can do to be able to make the process smooth from start to finish.  Educate them on being present on a job site.  Let them know how many workers will be there and that they will be taking breaks.  Explain what happens when it rains.  Give them all the details of what a perfect client would look like.  It will imprint in their brains and they will hopefully understand the process.


Ask your potential client a simple question, “If I can make the numbers work for your timeline and budget, and you can do what we discussed, do I have your business?”  Too often, we don’t ask for the sale and a verbal commitment carries to those who are people of their word.  You can get the signed contract later.


Definitely pull up their address to learn as much as you can about the property.  Also, I suggest Googling their name.  That way you may be able to see if they are avid reviewers and give extreme critiques on all their one star reviews.  Find out as much as you can since this is a business relationship and you want to be sure you are going into this process with the right people!

Just a few tips that have helped our team throughout the years at Waldhauer & Son.  Hope you enjoyed!

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