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FSPA President Brian Kelly, Shamrock Pools | shamrockpls1091@aol.com

November, for most of the country, signals the true
beginning of winter. We, here in Florida, typically are
not anticipating our first snowfall for quite some time!
But seriously, November does signal a typical slowdown
in many aspects of our businesses. However in many
other aspects, it gives us an opportunity to escalate
certain parts of business that are not at the top of the
customer’s priority list.

Many of us builders are able to push for contracts on
new construction and hopefully guarantee completion
by swim season. After all, we have all had the potential
customer that will give us the job “if you can get it done
in six weeks!” This time of year allows us to close those
customers during the cooler months; and certainly the time to do residential renovations is during the winter months. The weather is more conducive to scheduling and many customers are not as concerned with the use of their pool during the cooler times of the year.

After construction projects there are also prime items to offer at this time of year. Obviously heaters and equipment package installations are easy targets for many clients. They can extend the client’s swim season and let them enjoy their pools and spas during the holidays. When the seasonal residents come down it gives us a chance for face-to-face meetings that can open up many options for backyard features. Many of our members have included backyard
kitchens and water features to their repertoire. Fire pits and fountains can add a world of ambiance to someone’s home.

Unlike many other parts of the country, we in Florida can venture to our backyard oasis during the cooler months and continue to enjoy our weather and lifestyles that most are here for. Often times our holiday gatherings end up outside. Let’s not miss the opportunity to help our customers continue to enjoy their backyards and continue the great uptick that the economy has afforded our industry!

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