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Suggestions for removing oil and tar

We are all very aware of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. FSPA has received inquiries regarding products to assist pool pros and consumers with challenges they may face. Specifically, if people have tar or oil on their feet from walking on the beach, and then walk on pool decks or into pools, what products would be effective in removing the stain? FSPA is compiling this list based on information provided by manufacturers and pool industry members. This page will be updated as information is provided to us.

  • Pool Bloc or Pumie Scouring Stick - work on ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite or cement. Available at all pool stores or home improvement stores.
  • PS-Paste - a pH neutral soap that performs as an aggressive cleaner without abrasives and is applied with a sponge. There is also Pool & Spa Supershine - a microscopic coating that is mixed with water and sprayed on to prevent dirt, grime and oils from bonding into a surface by covering microscopic pores. Both are nontoxic and nonflammable and are designed to be compatible with pool chemistry and the natural environment. Can be purchased directly form Marketing World Pool Products.
  • Aquron Ground Safe Decontaminate Product (GSD) - when properly applied it will turn the crude oil into carbon dioxide and water and it is safe to use. Dilute the concentrate with tap water and use a low pressure spray application. It will penetrate as deep as needed and leaves a soil condition that encourages plant growth. Aquron 007 Concrete Cleaner can be used in removing oil stans from concrete.
  • Aqua Bright™ by EcoFinish™ - a surface coating material that is non-porous and resists staining. Cures in seconds and resistant to chips, peeling and scratching. According to ASTM testing it lasts seven times longer than conventional finishes. This will work on pool surface and decking and can be purchased at
  • Dawn dishsoap
  • TSP - trisodium phosphate

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