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Government Regulations

It is important that every professional follow required regulations in their daily operations. Information on some are provided below.

FBC (Florida Building Commission)- on this page you will find:
            -- Declaratory statement submitted regarding existing pools and spas.

            -- Oversight of initial public pool construction moved from DOH to local Building                Officials. Please read Q & A: DOH Implementation Plan for HB 1263

            -- Florida Building Code Cyle - proposals, glitch cycle, etc.

            -- ICC - International Swimming Pool & Spa Code


CILB (Construction Industry Licensing Board)- on this page you will find:

            -- Licensing Chart (scope of work)

            -- Change to time frames for license exam

            -- Information on license exam, renewal, and subcontractor and specialty licenses


Legislative Session - updates, bill reports and archives - including service license bill


Energy Efficiency - on this page you will find:

            -- Requirements flowchart

            -- Energy law Q&A and bill language

            -- Consumer brochure on pumps for purchase


ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) - new pool guidelines, Q&A, etc


CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) - on this page you will find:

            -- Changes to unblockable rule and drain cover recall information

            -- CPSC's VGB FAQs

            -- Barrier Law

            -- Pool Safely Campaign


VGB Act (Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act) - on this page you will find:

            -- VGB Act language

            -- Timetable for 64E-9 gravity drainage system installation

            -- CPSC and DOH documents


Summary of where to find commonly referenced rules, statutes, and code:

            -- Florida Administrative Code (

                        - Chapter 64E-9: Public Swimming Pools & Bathing Places (water quality,

                            treatment system, safety, etc.)

            -- Florida Statutes ( - Title XXXII and XXXIII

                        - Chapter 489 (Part I) - Construction contracting (licensure by exam,

                            workers' comp coverage, etc.)

                        - Chapter 514 - Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities (what is public,


                        - Chapter 515 - Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act (Barrier Law)


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