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Government Contributions

The Pool Industry Political Action Committee (PIPAC) is committed to supporting candidates for office in the Florida Legislature at the statewide level who understand and vote for pro-business issues. A legislative contact program allows the industry to have direct communication with legislators. Your support of PIPAC, whether financial or as a legislative contact, will help our industry’s interests be represented.

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Below The Surface the Industry blog

Rich Tarricone Aquatic Pool Systems LLC Being pool professionals, as much as we are in a fun, recreational, water-based trade, we are more importantly in the profession of keeping our clients healthy. We create vessels that filter and treat water borne illnesses for the safety of our clients and their families.

Matt Russell Pool Design Concepts LLC All you have to do is Google “customer service memes” and you will see, dare I say, a truer side of the way today’s society views the idea. Granted, a meme by its definition is “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc.” However, we all know there is […]

Ken McKenna FSPA President We all have the necessity to have insurance but how often do you check to make sure you have the right insurance or if you have enough? It is the job of your agent to keep you informed but you still need to ask the right questions. Let’s face it, if […]