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Being Thankful

FSPA Executive Director Wendy Parker Barsell, wendy@floridapoolpro.com 

It is the time of year to give thanks for all that we’ve received in the past year.  I am thankful for many things and the staff and volunteers of this association make my job much easier.

First, outstanding team members.  Each person who works at FSPA helps to make your association the best it can be.  Strong continuing education, attractive printed materials, appealing videos, prompt and accurate membership reporting, impactful government relations representation and pleasant customer service are just a few of the things that initiate from the state level.  The chapter service team works to strengthen the association in your community and add even more value to your annual membership.

The volunteer Board of Directors.  The state Board meets regularly in person to discuss matters affecting the entire industry including legislation and regulation.  In between quarterly meetings the committees review topics needing immediate attention.

The Executive Committee.  This group of seven gives many hours a month to consider issues, come up with ideas and overall works to make FSPA the largest and strongest state wide pool industry association in the country.  I work closely with this group who become my friends during their tenure on the committee.  Each person who volunteers to move up through the ranks of leadership in your association is there for the right reasons – to advance FSPA in Florida.

Every FSPA member.  More than 700 strong, members of the association represent every segment of the swimming pool industry.  Together, we employ almost 70,000 people in Florida!  Let’s be thankful for each other and what we’re all doing to advance the swimming pool industry in Florida.

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